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  1. db is already in it, but with a different name
  2. hii semua saya harap kalian baik-baik saja, di sini saya akan membagikan beberapa file server lama, server ini mungkin dari rf official taiwan, saya tidak begitu tahu versi server apa ini tetapi itu menunjukkan awal dari episode Giga4, server ini sangat berbeda dari kebanyakan server lain, terima kasih "hii all i hope you guys are fine, here i will share some old server files, this server maybe from rf official taiwan, i don't really know what version of server this is but it shows start of Giga4 episode, this server is very different from most another server, thank you" (Added by Alyx c
  3. hii all i hope you guys are fine, for those who miss your old RF the same as me here i will share the old RF client, this is the chinese version it might show the Giga3/Giga4 version btw I'm also looking for an Online RF Client from Sega Japan, and a Client from Game on Japan thank you For those of you who are interested in discussing old RF, you can discuss with me on discord @theforceoflove Link : https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1igOMvEg9rGVnNvwHsk93skytjwcjCvfc&export=download Screenshots:
  4. thank you for the input, I'm just an RFOnline player who misses the past, I know I lack resources and I know that the resources to run the old server are few I just want to be different from the others, I just want to provide a different playing experience When I open the Server to the public I ask players to provide input and errors in the game I allow them to use cheats to measure how far the cheat can work in the game, for the server I use Microsoft Azure Free Trial To Start My Experiment, I know I'm just a beginner I just want to give my GIGA3 Playing Experience to the community
  5. https://paste.pics/DR4GK hi i hope you guys are ok i'm here having trouble setting up RFCP From Gitlab Agony rf dev i started experimenting with the rf giga3 version and have been running the server for a few weeks i'm having the problem " Cannot run script without security_salt set to value!" I use XAMPP, sqlsrv, pdo_sqlsrv I hope I get an answer, and I am very grateful to Agony for the registration site that I used during the experiment. Very simple and clean, THANK YOU *BTW if you have GIGA3 Clean Client Version, can you tell me?
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