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  1. Hello, do you know if there are any bonuses for the chip bearer and the guild mates? Like increasing atk, increasing def and how much? If there are, can they be viewed in Skill.dat or somewhere else? And what is the Skill Code if it exists? Do guild leaders get any bonuses towards atk and def, do you know? thank you very much
  2. Does anybody know how much hp do pit bosses regen and at what interval? is there a table I could check all pbs?
  3. I have doubts about the contents of the software after Windows Defender wiped it as: Trojan:MSIL/Crypto RF Account Manager.exe :3
  4. Hello, I'd like to ask just informative and easy question: What are the upgrade chances for int armors and weapons with and without different tier gems. And what are the bonuses for different tier gems? It'd be nice if there was a calculator for this kind of thing :3
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