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  1. Hi all, I built a server from rf-dev tutorials and it works fine at LAN network, but I can't connecting from public network because I get always #183 error... I have static IP address and I tried Nat Forwarding with router. could anyone list the important things I need to pay attention to?
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    Ow, thanks for help and sorry then...
  3. Thanks for the advice! I will try it.
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    Hi All! Sorry for fast new topic! I lost my membership of discord RF Tutorial after a new Windows and discord install and I can't join back :(. Where can I get new permission or what can I do to go back? I hope, I did not do anything wrong...
  5. Hello All! I am new here. I bult a server on localhost and try some tricks for set game, but I have a big problem at cash shop. I can make Cash shop points with sql query, but when I want buy an item then I got error message in game. I did check CashShop.dat and itemcash.dat files I saw differences there at prices. After I save edited CashShop.dat or itemcash.dat file(s), I get always a fatal message window: "Failed to create empty document" What can I do to fix it? Thanks for the help!
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