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  1. Rusyhan

    Edit Glow on lvl 55 Sword

    Hello guys, I've little bit problem when editing glow on sword lvl 55. Edited .spt file but yellow glow won't change, just aura on upgrade changed. I found blade.r3e, unpack it and found 2 dds file, edited it, but when I repack it, it always error. How to fix it guys?
  2. Rusyhan

    [Release] Change start Location [GU;]

    I try to learn it, nice post bro .. but btw, where is the map code?
  3. Rusyhan

    Change New Player Location

    @4erepaxa epic show off hahaha .. @PrinceRay if he can do it, so do I hehe .. I'll try
  4. Rusyhan

    Change New Player Location

    I don't get it, where I can found that all?
  5. Rusyhan

    Change New Player Location

    Hi everybody, I would like to ask about how to change default new player location from HQ to Ether, is it possible? If yes, how? I'm trying something new, all Ether monster I'll set for beginner and etc..
  6. Rusyhan

    Creating New Weapon

    Hello guys, It is been a long time that I've been search clear tutorial about creating new weapon, just creating it not about how to sync it into data, How to create it until I get new .DDS and .Mesh for new weapon. Please inform me the software or else.. Thank you for the support.
  7. Rusyhan

    How to set Max lvl to 45?

    what is that? Zone?
  8. Rusyhan

    How to set Max lvl to 45?

    I've read all method about setting max lvl, but it was for PT GM and lvl 66 or updating max lvl to 66++. I tried SQL Max LVL on general tabel but exp lvl still up. I cut all exp on exp.dat and character.edf, also limiting mastery to lvl 45 set as 99/60 based on job but finally I got my zoneserver crashed. Can anyone help me? This is for RF GU
  9. Rusyhan

    Control Device Appearance

    Control Device means Chip War? If yes, just swap the "mesh" and add monter texture files in it
  10. Rusyhan

    How to edit Server Rate easily

    Greeting.. I just want to share how to edit our server rate easily. Open your server/Zone Server/RF_bin/Initialize -> ServerRate.ini You'll see the basic server rate there, just edit it. It is included for normal or premium account. Explanation: I tried above method and it works well. Have a nice try! don't forget to back it up before you edit.
  11. Rusyhan

    FG Stuck/Launcher Stuck

    @Ron please remove this post since I solved my own problem. Just edited "Datatable/en-gb/FG_CB.ini" and the problem solved while I changed [SETTING]USEFG=1
  12. Rusyhan

    FG Stuck/Launcher Stuck

    Hello, I want to ask how to fix this? After I edited cashshop on server and client side, this problem begin. Server Online but always "waiting for server response" inside before character selection. Thank you for your help before
  13. Rusyhan

    Infi Wand Glow

    no sir hehe, just skin like usual ..
  14. Rusyhan

    RF Map Tool

    Thank you for the information ..
  15. Rusyhan

    Infi Wand Glow

    Greetings.. as new member here I want to share about Infi Wand Glow that I uploaded since 2012. . Credit to Rixx on RF Commander GFX-Section and thank's for tutorials. Download Here
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