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  1. Just this, no UserStatus or Personal_Billing. And i already try to put on manual, but nothing changes.
  2. how if i don't have UserStatus table ?
  3. I try to import from edf. Some data, didn't link. Is this cause from edf source, or i do something wrong ? I'm using bin-xlsx override by link
  4. Mooo

    [AoP] Crafting issues

    Solved. I just need to update the client to the latest.
  5. Yeah, i've check the script and it's like just update the equip not the material. Now i'm trying to make new script, but got some problem with some of edf rss, still need to manage to make it latest. I'll post it when i'm done with it
  6. This error come when i'm trying to extract Item.dat edf decrypted to txt using TriRozhka 2.8 Parser Clean Repack [English] Here's the file, it's DataTable (Client Side): https://ufile.io/36zuc28j I've been trying to decompile using his trial tool too but always force close when trying to decompile Item.edf - BulletItem and NDItem.edf - Description
  7. Now i can after updating client to playpark latest patch. But i can't command or buy metallic crystal/energy core a.k.a %* iymkw00-05. Money race and gold got error too lol
  8. Why i can't craft equip 75 ? And novajan & elf monster didn't drop crafting material. Just asking. Maybe only me have this problem or all of us
  9. Why my 75 specialist can't craft 75 equip, it have allskill GM. It only show 1 - 55 equip. I've been trying to edit script but still fail. I'm using AoP Client Script from here. Anyone can share ?
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