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  1. Hi, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, this tutorial doesn't helped me for PT, Level Cap only. But, I'm at least find out fields in tbl_general, responsible for PT and action skills PT Skills tbl_general.WM0=999999999 - Melee tbl_general.WM1=999999999 - Range tbl_general.DM=999999999 - Defense tbl_general.PM=999999999 - Shield tbl_general.MI0=999999999 - Wpn/Shld Crafting tbl_general.MI1=999999999 - Armor crafting tbl_general.MI2=999999999 - Ammo crafting tbl_general.SR=999999999 - Unit tbl_general.FM22=999999999 - Force Skills tbl_general.SM0-SM39
  2. Hi, thanks for the answer. Yes, I checked this files, but they describes logic and data of skills, and I don't need to change existing skills nor add new one. I simply need to change skill lvl to 99 pt of my game character .
  3. Hi guys. I need to change skill level(like slash, fast shot) and combat level(like range, force, etc) of character. Tried to find this through db....but nothing Which table i need to check or it calculates through code ? Thanks
  4. Yessss. It works. Thanks a lot
  5. Hi all, I'm new in RF Online. MAU menu does not show up. Have I done something wrong? lv 41 Armor Driver. Also read this thread But i download client and server from this Any ideas ? please
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