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  1. @leethobbit can u share it brother? want to test Giga4
  2. try this credits to @Roslaw ROSLAW BILLING
  3. Thank you sir @NiteMare. Just having fun with older version however there is no protection that would support unless lead developers from rf-dev will make some release.
  4. @NiteMare possible for older version mate? with client str
  5. check the billing that you are using man.
  6. Even delete or using dat cutter it does not fix the error, I'm doing some local set-up rn.
  7. Greetings Citizens RFOnline & RF-Dev Community! It has been two-three years since I was away from the rf scene, our team was able to discuss something on reviving the classic version of RF Online. However, we've seen many servers that focus on the Player versus Player system and added with custom droplist. Which gave us an idea to produce a classic set-up of our beloved game that mainly focuses on its core essentials. We will be releasing a retail server using the version that has been used for ages. We started the project last 2018, but everyone has their activity,
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