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  1. dexterc2r

    RF GameCP V2

    try to use clean one, i have run normally
  2. dexterc2r

    About AoE Mau

    you can use clean script from available server files here.
  3. dexterc2r

    About AoE Mau

    Unit Parts (MAU) GU.strs
  4. dexterc2r

    About AoE Mau

    maybe this ss can help you to edit.
  5. dexterc2r

    HMS Quantity Need when CW

    i think its same. with hms code just try to edit it what the result is your result success or not
  6. dexterc2r

    [Help] Master Skill

    oh sorry i forget about key try this https://mega.nz/#!jMsz2IDT!M5sQUYUNRWgCBvOOQBJWAiX4-BkHS5P6iYrqsReHMPo
  7. dexterc2r

    [Help] Master Skill

    no need enable 3rd class. try this file. I hope can help you. download 2 file from this link https://mega.nz/#!TZk2xYRS https://mega.nz/#!Kc82FawB
  8. dexterc2r

    RF GameCP V2

    look your error, your hosting cant connect to mssql database...
  9. dexterc2r

    [Help] Master Skill

    1.check your script server & client its active or not. 2.check your database, if you use query for pt gm,etc. its disable master skill. just run query for enable master skill.
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