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  1. Bank dupe error

    I have a question Bank Duper works on version
  2. Bank dupe error

    I'll try to do something if I can put the solution here, thanks for the attention
  3. Bank dupe error

    I've restored tbl_AccountTrunk and tbl_AccountTrunk_Extend but the error continues the players can not log in to the server, I do not know what to do
  4. Bank dupe error

    LewS I opened the table NpCDAT and NpC Log cleaned the two did not turn up appears ERROR: CHARACTER SELECTION then PLEASE WAIT
  5. Bank dupe error

    Thank you, Mr. Ron, I'm sorry.
  6. Bank dupe error

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I used Bank 7slot.sql and the player can not log in, it happens CHARACTER ERROR. I use Yorozuya v1.4 Bank 7slot.sql code: https://pastebin.com/5R924bec
  7. TownItem.dat

    SOLVED, It worked ErlBinry's tip worked, just change the Model to one that works
  8. TownItem.dat

    It does not work if it's something dummy-related, I think you need to add coordinates to the map lock
  9. TownItem.dat

    I want to enable 1 teleport to return from ether without using the ship, I use the teleport iqcsa01to go, and the teleport iqbpc01 to go back but it does not work
  10. TownItem.dat

    I checked the 2 options and it did not work
  11. TownItem.dat

    I need to release the teleport item on ether
  12. TownItem.dat

    I looked at Map_data.spt and only got the map code
  13. TownItem.dat

    how to release the scroll item to work in ether?
  14. HP Limits

    Which script regulates the HP of the character?
  15. PHP Script - Massive Cash Coin Adder

    Nuna, did I ask you to run the Massive Cash Coin Adder?