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  1. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    Nuna whats is the data types of pin when we add variable pin to rf_usrraccount? nvarchar?
  2. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    @Nuna nuna can you can help me ? when im tryin' to open your game cp , the out said
  3. Appserv 5.2.10

    repair the installation and then when you try to install again, unchecklist instal mysqlservice done, happy install :))
  4. FREE Services Convert Server To Client Side

    where i can get the files sir? thanks btw
  5. HELP For Register Issue With PIN

    I have a problem with register account when i add pin column into tbl_rfaccount it said " Failed to insert the RF Account data into the database. Contact an administrator. " could you tell me where is my mistake ? thanks for your help