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  1. Hello guys, im trying to create RF Online and need 2 days to understand how to edit, create strs by myself, and how to edit texture, etc but my focus is not in edit dat files because it take a lot of time to edit that boring file. for rn i create my website and game cp to make it free and pay. i just ask does anyone have RF server files and client with Lvl cap 70, npc list, drop list, server information, wepon, item, etc? (no need big project) just need mini project and its free, thank you
  2. fernando

    Help how to remove empty bytes

    sir, you do have many option to upload file not only on this media, upload from other media.
  3. fernando

    Help how to remove empty bytes

    give me your itemloot.dat here. i will try
  4. fernando

    Max Level 55

    Edit Exp.dat , grade.dat, tbl_general, mystery, and character.edt
  5. fernando

    Buff Timers

    Post removed by moderator. Reason: Read the support guidelines
  6. fernando

    [Help] Cash shop not working

    your cashsop in server is different with cashshop client dude
  7. fernando

    [Help] Cash shop not working

    ohh if you still confused about cash shop, you check your user status . because i insert cash by game cp
  8. fernando

    [Help] Cash shop not working

    edit in worldinfo.ini dude
  9. fernando

    OOT From RF, GAME CP Submission

    thanks guyss, problem solved.. ehhhehe
  10. fernando

    OOT From RF, GAME CP Submission

    what database ? world ? or game cp ?
  11. fernando

    OOT From RF, GAME CP Submission

    Guys, How to prevent multiple rewards or claim rewards on game cp. when user claim once so he not able to claim again, and button will show "disable button"
  12. fernando

    RF GameCP V2

    look at your php version . and tell me what version do you use ? have you to restard apache server ? and try to load phpmyad and look the output
  13. fernando

    RF GameCP V2

    your host . change to OR your ipv4add/SQLEXPRESS sorry for double post . @Ron, can your merge it ? for @gyan
  14. fernando

    RF GameCP V2

    its in register function dude.
  15. fernando

    RF GameCP V2

    yes, i make that one with my game cp and work perfectly hehehe. juse use your logic and php skill
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