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  1. Your launcher and rfonline.bin are having a problem.
  2. @adisya1811 Send a print on the post.
  3. What's up guys, I organized the files of the post made these days on the AOP server and I'm pointing them out to you. I based on the order of the files made by @ron in his release. Then you can use the Wiki tutorials and tools from the @ron release to create the server. In addition, my friend Gilbert of mine gave me the PDB that he had from AOP because he said that he did not use it. I do not know if this pdb matches the structure of the ZoneServer, but then I leave it for you to test. Use these tutorials to create your AOP Server as well: https://rf-dev.net/wiki/starter-gui
  4. In the step-by-step below, the logic of packet exchange between the client and the RF ONline server will be discussed. The logic can be implemented in the programming language you want. The packages in this tutorial are based on the GA version. 1. Connecting to the Login server The client sends the "Welcome" packet to the login server: welcomePackage = "05 00 15 0C 00"; He receives a response package similar to: "07 00 15 0D AA BB 03", which will be used to encrypt the login and password request. returnWelcomePackage = "07 00 15 0D AA BB 03"; AA will be th
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