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  1. Chinolc18

    RF GameCP V2

    How to edit the gamecp registration and login form to be able to point out to the tbl_rftestaccount instead of tbl_rfaccount? Because I am using rf-dev server files and all the accounts are saved on tbl_rftestaccount table.
  2. Chinolc18

    RF GameCP V2

    Hi. I'm no php code programmer but I know some basic things about it. I know it's just too odd to ask but if you don't mind me asking how do I install this? Do I just paste it on my emulator at www/emulator and run the scripts directly which is located from the database SQLs folder? In my case it says "You don't have the MSSQL module loaded with PHP". I'm currently running appserv 2.5.9. ***Edit: I already figured this one out. If anyone is having some issues like this one, I can be of use and is happy to help.
  3. Chinolc18

    Launcher won't Launch

    How did you solve this?
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