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  1. Marnkx

    UI Problem

    Your link doesn't work, cant really help you with that. You don't need to use 223 RFOnline.bin to make your 2232 server work. Maybe you don't have the 2232 clean client files.
  2. Marnkx

    Skill's problem bug?

    Have a look at your Character.edf in Client side, make sure it matches your Server files.
  3. Check your WorldSystem.ini in your Zone files, make sure you've edited the ips there as well.
  4. Looks pretty decent, Goodluck with the server!
  5. Marnkx

    Have anyone tried out alveim files?

    Why would you even wanna use a BSB client with a GU script? that's just stupid. Unless you've got a fair reason to do it lol, just use a GU client and it should be fine.
  6. Marnkx

    Other Game "Rohan Online"

    Yeah its a really great game, however most of the server files are being taken down by the fucking creator; and that makes it really hard to make a private server without the proper files.
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