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  1. 08/28/2021 8:27PM CST Fixed DB Code and Client Code for Cloaks and SiegeKits not showing correct values. (Reported by @PC_Bro)
  2. 08/28/2021 12:13AM CST Fixed Event item crash, they are not allowed to be spawned into inventory, so when automatic conversion to DB Code is tried it crashes app.
  3. Older version? I have not completed my Client STRS yet, when I am finished I might post them.
  4. Make sure you check the Expiry date on your GM accounts as well in tbl_StaffAccount. Is your login server open?
  5. Files from @Gofyi's post below seem to have the most in them, including the updated crafting recipes, although I have not tested the files themselves, the scripts seem to be the most complete of the AoP that I have seen so far.
  6. No problem, glad I was able to help you! Enjoy the game!
  7. Press CTRL then left click on the MAU when its in world, and it will pop up a menu to ride it. Same to also store it.
  8. This is a support request, had topic moved to Support section.
  9. 08/08/2021 8:03PM CST Fixed Guard tower manual converter, was not converting Cora and Accretian Towers.
  10. 08/01/2021 3:55PM CST Added the ability for Theme selection and Always on Top choice to be saved, so next time you open the tool it will remember how you left it. Added DB conversion to main screen, updated weapon list picture above to show this. Also added back the ability to resize the window, the size it opens with is the minimum for the tool, but can be sized bigger to see more on screen.
  11. Hello RF-Devs! I have spent some time updating and adding new features to my Codes tool. This will be the thread that will have all updates that I push to the tool for you the community. Anything released anywhere but here will not be from me, or supported by me. This update added a few new things that were not in the previous updates or that were removed from a previous update. ====Download==== Here are some screenshots to show off these new features: Here is the Main screen that shows when you first open the tool. You'll notice if you
  12. Posted the link I sent you to test and was ok, will post or update you if I figure out what caused that false positive. Crazy Confused 😕
  13. I am using windows 10 and it opens right away for me, not sure why yours is not. If you look in windows error logs does it show any errors for the tool?
  14. What is not opening? The tool, or the link?
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