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  1. RF GameCP V2

    Not working either
  2. Side by side configuration error

    Yes... it cause the RFDepends is not installed
  3. RF GameCP V2

    Couldn't connect to the game cp database just now, but before I was able to hmm I've tried changing host to local and also try IP still the same
  4. Side by side configuration error

    Sorry for this post please kindly close it.... My own problem is solved
  5. I'm having this problem a side by side configuration I don't know what I miss configuring , what happen is I just move my server files to different computer in the new OS fresh installed what could be the reason hmm I in my old PC it just run perfectly
  6. No special character for NAME

    How do I disable or not allow people to create character with special character?
  7. [Help] Cash shop not working

    what do you mean different? ive just matched them up isn't that going to work?
  8. [Help] Cash shop not working

    how to fix this cash related thing? I already try to match my server cashshop to client ItemCash.edf NDItemCash.edf and CashShop.edf as well did I miss something to config? ohh sorry I just see that some of the item is okay but not all... I can but the beginners amulet and then the UMT just that and the rest cash related : item price is different
  9. RF Account Manager

    I see.... Thanks everything works now ahhh BTW how do I add new item ? cuz I can only give upto golden weapon my server have new and custom items how do I add them on this manager
  10. RF Account Manager

    why I don't have config like this
  11. [Help] Cash shop not working

    Sorry for double post.... all is good I can now use cash and insert cash using capiroto panel
  12. [Help] Cash shop not working

    yes it already set to false , but every time I use a command or SQL to add cash on it doesn't work it still 0
  13. [Help] Cash shop not working

    how can I make my cash shop work it only use gold I've try a lot of SQL code to inject , cash coin , prem , and still not working
  14. [Help]Zone wont Start

    Thanks it work