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  1. kaiz

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    why the str you share doesn't work on my .dat files
  2. kaiz

    Infi Wand Glow

    Does your infinity wand have action and spell animation?
  3. kaiz

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    yeah it does fckdup my gld points lol hmm I cant buy any item using GP anymore
  4. kaiz

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    I try to patch this but everytime I login it give me critical error
  5. kaiz

    [HELP]Temp Points

    I see.... Thanks for the info, I'm still noob at coding and no idea how yet but I keep searching to get more idea's
  6. kaiz

    [HELP]Temp Points

    Hi, everyone I just wanna ask about the temp points how do I set them to be shared it in party member if someone in the party member kill other race the will be shared as well
  7. kaiz

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    I use this and all the character got error when Login in to the game how to revert it or fix?
  8. kaiz

    Patron Skin Full

    you enter the wrong code for that weapon and there is no weapon like that
  9. kaiz

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    in Prevent Char Deletion. Is it possible in opposite way like lv1-40 you cant delete ?
  10. kaiz

    [HELP] New PLayer Get Costume Item

    what is the time limit?
  11. kaiz

    [HELP]Chat system

    Hi, Need help having problem with the chat system the /all /map /race and even the $notice chat is not working but sometime it work and most of the time not anyone please lend me a help to fix
  12. kaiz

    RF GameCP V2

    at super admin power the give item how to use the rental period? what is the proper way to set rent time
  13. should this be inside the script folder or initialize?
  14. kaiz

    Share new chip

    Yes I did and it didn't change at all, still same image... should I also need to change the holysystem.ini? StoneMonsterCode0 = 04B01 << change to mob ID 06B23
  15. kaiz

    Share new chip

    I've try to change the mob code but still hasn't change in the game, em I missing steps?
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