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  1. Patron Skin Full

    you enter the wrong code for that weapon and there is no weapon like that
  2. Useful Queries For RF Online

    in Prevent Char Deletion. Is it possible in opposite way like lv1-40 you cant delete ?
  3. [HELP] New PLayer Get Costume Item

    what is the time limit?
  4. [HELP]Chat system

    Hi, Need help having problem with the chat system the /all /map /race and even the $notice chat is not working but sometime it work and most of the time not anyone please lend me a help to fix
  5. RF GameCP V2

    at super admin power the give item how to use the rental period? what is the proper way to set rent time
  6. should this be inside the script folder or initialize?
  7. Share new chip

    Yes I did and it didn't change at all, still same image... should I also need to change the holysystem.ini? StoneMonsterCode0 = 04B01 << change to mob ID 06B23
  8. Share new chip

    I've try to change the mob code but still hasn't change in the game, em I missing steps?
  9. Help Me

    match your store to your server store
  10. [HELP]Gaurd Tower Error

    have to edit the error reason.... found the problem about my guard tower but I have no idea how to fix can someany body please give me a hint or clue. I'm getting crit error when the guard tower start to do animation
  11. RF GameCP V2

    Not working either
  12. Side by side configuration error

    Yes... it cause the RFDepends is not installed
  13. RF GameCP V2

    Couldn't connect to the game cp database just now, but before I was able to hmm I've tried changing host to local and also try IP still the same
  14. Side by side configuration error

    Sorry for this post please kindly close it.... My own problem is solved
  15. I'm having this problem a side by side configuration I don't know what I miss configuring , what happen is I just move my server files to different computer in the new OS fresh installed what could be the reason hmm I in my old PC it just run perfectly