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  1. [Help] Master Skill

    Do I need to enable 3rd job first before using master skill?
  2. RF Account Manager

    link is in the first page try to config ur appserver
  3. [Help] Master Skill

    1.yes ive recheck them many times put them to enable=1 2.im not quiet sure in the data base but I use this query
  4. [Help] Master Skill

    Hi, I bit help or getting some idea about the master skills.... seems Ive manage to activate or lets say open the master skills but I cannot use it, every time I click it it say "Not enough mastery to use selected skill/force" what could be the problem or I missed to fix
  5. Patron Skin Full

    Ohh nvm I've fix the error
  6. RF Store Builder

  7. Patron Skin Full

    I have his storelist tools but everytime I run it this thing come up
  8. Patron Skin Full

    any suggestion or can tell me how to update server side to match with the client? do I just need to update the storelist.dat server side?
  9. Patron Skin Full

    have a problem when buying lv50+ armors, weapon,shield in npc when I click buy this is what happen
  10. [Help]Adding Line @ .dat files

    Thanks ammandes… everything is all good now I've manage to change cap and the rest of the files needed to change and try to run the server and it run smooth w/o error ...yet as far as I tested...
  11. [Help]Adding Line @ .dat files

    thanks nuna, im trying to change my level cap to 70 do I need todo it to all files that needed to be change? like grade, mastery and etc?? thanks ill try this one
  12. Hi, is there any guide how to add lines for .dat files like exp, grade and etc... ive tried to search in this forum but cant find any guides or someone already ask how to
  13. RF Account Manager

    Thanks nuna… another problem I've already add new account but when I try to login it say wrong account input
  14. RF Account Manager

    trying to make an account and this is what happen
  15. RF Store Builder

    I get this when I run the .exe