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  1. ? This is very good news, thank you TriRozhka
  2. yes just fix the strs file for item
  3. kaiz

    [Help] Armor SetEffect

    Here's the link http://forum.ragezone.com/f479/release-dragon-armor-2232-client-880007/
  4. kaiz

    [Help] Armor SetEffect

    You can make your own model id as long it is not in used or use by other items, for the files you can get it from the release section
  5. kaiz

    [Help] Armor SetEffect

    Update: Fixed it just in a wrong string to put the code for gloves and shoes lol
  6. kaiz

    [Help] Armor SetEffect

    Here's the excel file https://www.mediafire.com/file/4axcoqb7siv3tv0/SetItemEff.xlsx/file its the ihbwa02 and 03 same goes with acc and cora
  7. kaiz

    [Help] Armor SetEffect

    Update: equipping them is now fixed no more critical error. but the set effect is not all the parts have effect only head,upper, and lower the gloves and shoes doesn't give effect hmm could it be the rule?
  8. kaiz

    [Help] Armor SetEffect

    Having a little trouble with the DA Armor that I've configure with seteffect its all good when it just inside the bag but when I ware them it gives me critical error what could be the miss configure or wrong I use TrirozhkaParser and I know when I execute it, it will come out in gu_out/SetItemEffect.edf folder and inside ItemSetEffect.dat is in but when I check client side inside Datatable there are two .edf files the ItemSetEffect.edf and SetItemEffect.edf, I'm confuse here why it only give me one .edf file if in datatable needs 2? is that right?
  9. kaiz

    [Help] Armor Glow

    Thank you! Maree all working now hahaha it does have same code already. I've only checked those code thru Armors.dat not in itemeffectlist.txt didn't know that they already put those code inside the text. was not aware of that ... well thanks muchly for the help glow is now working CHEERS!
  10. kaiz

    [Help] Armor Glow

    I don't quite follow what you mean, I checked Itemeffectlist.txt and everything is all good its in default all clean no custom or have been added lately well anyway , how about add new model id from the first line what do you mean?
  11. kaiz

    [Help] Armor Glow

    Hi guys can I need some little help I think I'm missing some configure and I'm not sure what it is I've been try to make it work for like 6hrs now and haven't put the glow work here are my config
  12. I always having ciritcal error with the item.edf client side even I just execute it with default everything .... hmm but when I use the item.edf include with the client it just fine. find the error the offset is wrong when execute. still not figure how to fix it hmmm
  13. I see.... Thank you now i get it
  14. why is this happening?
  15. kaiz

    Intreppid and EQG GameCP full source

    can anyone make mirror for the second link please the "EQG GameCP (written in symfony):" ohh never mind it works
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