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  1. macky44

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    hi i have a little problem dunno i made it perfectly but when i finish this tutorial and try to use the npc buff that i want to put. i could see the button but when click it say "InfoDist: ManulIndex:17 OverLapSeriel" what does it mean? thanks for the help. Nevermind Solved
  2. macky44

    Looking For RF Developer

    Yes sir. They message me. Why sir? Someone already contact me. I think the message is good sir. Thanks for worrying.
  3. macky44

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    This is the update.dll i use on my web emulator. The problem is to replace the old files on client to new one. It won't update but when deleted it will patch.
  4. macky44

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    I use this guide too. At first it works. When i update the .tmp on the appserv and delete filedata.z and try to run the launcher so i can get the new checksum(maybe) on filedata.z. when i check the old filedata.z and new one they have same checksum so i put it on the patchinfo.z. and run again. And nothing happen it never patch and never replace the old files on client. But when i delete it. And run it. It will patch the new file.
  5. macky44

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Already did. Before running the launcher. And when i delete the files in the client thats the time they will replace it with new one. If the files is outdated and already in it. It won't auto update it.
  6. macky44

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Hi i search and search for the solution of autoupdate. and never get an answer and i face a dead end. so here's the question. last time i already run it and make it work the auto update. but unfortunately when i update my new files of .tmp on the appserv and run the launcher and check the filedata.z and check the checksum are same with my file patchinfo.z and delete the filedata.z and run the launcher. and still the checksum never change and my old files are there and it never replace. Did i do something wrong or did i miss something? Hopefully ill got the answer. thanks for the advance.
  7. macky44

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    hello sir, good day. i am a newbie all of this and want to learn more about it. just wanna ask if this is correct or there is something wrong when i add an Alpha? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wmQ2kS5ipzZPfVnCxKBBLFxSe2hxbpHf thank you for the reply.
  8. macky44

    Looking For RF Developer

    Im looking for a LEGIT RF Developer that can provide my all idea that can be make it possible(only the capability of the RF online Server) and can be trusted. kindly pm me at my email. [email protected] thank you.
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