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  1. Update Feature : Add Donation Feature Payment : Ovo, Dana, Gopay, Transfer Bank VA (BCA, Mandiri, BRI, Permata), Credit Cards (Done) - Add Feature Give Premium to all user (Done) - Add Feature Gacha (Testing Proccess) - Add to PHP 7.2
  2. Name : Skylake Panel Price SC : $150 Rental : A month $15 , 6 Months $60, a Year $100 Latest Version : Release Date : 12 February 2021 Feature : Package Donation with Config .ini , Single Panel, Player reward filter by Race, Guild Reward (soon), Billing (add billing), Config, Logger and you can request feature Easy config, Minimum Size and easy to use Update Soon : Zone Server Skylake Other Screenshots :
  3. So whatt? I do sell my zone server too. So you want to tell i will scam people? Wtf
  4. Price Full Source Coude $125 / IDR 1.25 Juta Feature : Top Players (Filter By CPT, PVP, Total Online ), Rules, Download, Server Info, Game Info, Donation, Official Link, Contact Us, Game CP Also you can request your own design Screenshot TOP Players More Screenshot PM Me Thanks
  5. Name : RF Skylake Game CP Version : 2.6.90 Price Full Source Code : $300 / IDR 3 Juta Release Date : 1 Juni 2018 Feature : 1. Basic Feature ( Register, Login, Change Password, Change Pin, Recover Fireguard, Recover Password, Recover Pin, Account Info, Bank Search, Change Char Name (Admin Permission), Search Character (Character Information), Edit Character, Edit Inventory, Equipment Search, Inventory Search, User Information, Delete Item, Give Item, Manage Bans, New Account Information, Vote Sites, Guild List, Guild Search, Game CP Logs, Logout Logs, Manage
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