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  1. That's cool, i had a copy too, i dunno what happened with cd, got left only with the case :D. This client is good in many ways, most private servers shared clients are ultra edited , and dds files overwritten many times, which means loss in texture quality. So this comes handy to have the first textures of the old sets untouched
  2. Been busy with real life, and other things for moment, but is not abandoned , i also played a bit with map texturing, color fog, and depth a bit, but far from finished.
  3. Just download Alukard's example from this thread, and look where he put the weights. The idea is to allow the bending above or bellow the cut, ( that means, when u cut the model, example: Hand, don't cut exactly on elbow, cut a bit lower or higher, so that when u weight 100% the edge loop vertices it will not affect where the elbow will bend, and the cut must be 100% weighted on both sides), this way will not break, that's all, no other tricks. Also make sure each part is linked to the right bone otherwise will not work. In max, open all bones hierarchy, and drag ur imported custom mesh parts over each of the corresponding bone name, so that way it will link with the rig of the character.
  4. kindland

    Your opinion

    My opinion we need more content in RF for sure, chances to revive community in time
  5. kindland

    Genji like sword

    I got inspired by Genji weapon from Overwatch which is around 6k polys, and did something similar but less quality and polygons to not kill rf, 420 polygons. If u want to use, i named for the level 1 starting sword from WEM00.rfs https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vmyC1l4SnlmfGRU8GQ-oeoNwHwRjij6X
  6. I now understand what Agony said in first post, thanks to him as well. i am a slow learner. thanks guys \^_^/
  7. Well, thank you both guys, i didn't have much knowledge about skinning weighting, but now is clear to me, thanks a bunch both @StepUpZ and @AlukarD , i will post some models on this forum after i get done, thanks.
  8. Yes, i was working with Cora_Female.bn
  9. No problem @StepUpZ , thanks for helping
  10. Quote @AlukarD -"And let's try to do something ourselves? And not on everything ready to come. Or so that people will grow everything and put it in your mouth." I don't think i understand what ur saying @AlukarD, you just made one post in this whole forum just to tell me this?, i am not a leech and i will give back to community, all i need is to know how to weight or do the mesh right for rf. I seen your name before on other forum and youtube showing ur modding skills, and i am pretty sure you know how things are done, but if you don't like to help peoples please stay away from my thread. Thank you
  11. I think u need to show me a working sample or tell me how it must be done, i made a video on how i did it if you look above, i gave a video link to agony to see how i done.
  12. Sure here is only the armor https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gD7Xvc2pyf4uqe1oXar8bthATQR0UDpT
  13. Hey @StepUpZ, i am not trying to fix that armor, i need to learn the workflow, that was just a example armor, anyway here is armor if u want to test https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EatFlxGJkce2k6k0ijn75GkTVeHR7Lo5
  14. Hey thanks for your prompt answer @Agony , but if i have one single piece how can i distribute to multiple bones since it can only be dragged to one bone, probably spine bone?, or you are saying " while each group is still linked to a bone " to weight specific vertices to other bones?. I tried that but then the armor does not move in game and the character moves with the armor just like it looks in 3dmax in a T pose. Could you be more specific please, thanks. I uploaded a video to see what i am doing, please correct me if i am doing wrong, i am a maya user so i don't have knowledge in 3dmax. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ft-zEMewK4WfRmDgVf0JqxBnxyg1N9N7
  15. Hey guys, i decided to make a post here too because things look a bit more serious here. I tried on other forum but no luck as peoples there only like to show what they do but never help. Making custom weapons/ bosters/siege kits, is easy, but with armor sets i have a problem. So i used the msh/bones 3dmax plugin, if i import the custom mesh with parts detached to be able to drag them on their respective bone, in game i will see the open cuts where i detached the the armor into parts, see the image bellow. with parts detached and placed to it's respective bone the armor follows the animation and pose nice, but i get those gaps. If i import the armor with chest, forearm, hand into one single armor piece and drag it to the spine bone, in game the armor will not move the hands, and will not follow the animations and pose of the character. If i try to add in max the SKIN modifier, add the bones, then add the weights using voxel solver, the armor will actually skin nice, but when i export the mesh, in game still no change and the custom armor stays fix and not follow the pose and animation of the character. If anyone has knowledge about this issue and can help me, i will really appreciate. Since this is only client side modding, all servers can have my work for free since they will be able to leech from client, or i rather release them on a modding section, i will also credit the person who help me solving this last small issue. Thanks!
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