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  1. Inserting Items to database

    Got it working. i was comparing it to a wrong item code.
  2. Inserting Items to database

    confirmed. i'll do another test
  3. Inserting Items to database

    the result from our calculations differ from PiOn's we still cant reach 1,512,448
  4. Inserting Items to database

    im gonna be doing it the hard way. will be posting again soon after i make some progress UPDATE : 5-19-2018 09:24 AM https://imgur.com/a/Ya5lJqd Gli nCount = 22 22 * 65,535 = 1,441,770 for Category i tried the highest possible number (33) 33 * 255 = 8415 1,441,770 + 8415 = 1,450,185 i still cant reach the number from PiON's insert UPDATE 2 : 5-19-2018 9:42 AM Multiplier updated to 65536 and 256 still cant reach the numebr
  5. Inserting Items to database

    i cant seem to get it right on excel i guess my sources are wrong https://imgur.com/3Qn6xsp
  6. Inserting Items to database

    VB/.Net 4.5.2 https://imgur.com/a/Byh8pGr what im trying to accomplish is convert from Server-ItemCode to Inventory-ItemCode
  7. Inserting Items to database

    i have no source. im not using the web based control panel. and there is no such dbo.tbl_code_xxxx in the database. can the code be found somewhere found in the server files or is there a formula to generate it like the Item |Properties?
  8. Inserting Items to database

    Thanks for the quick reply. i'll now spend time with the link you posted. i'll give you feedback once im done UPDATE : 05/18/2018 12:00 Item Properties Value : nxxxxxxx n = slots xxxxxxx = upgrades Blank = F Keen = 0 Destruction = 1 Darkness = 2 Chaos = 3 Favor = 5 Grace = B Mercy = C replace x with talic of choice, always start replacing at right so for an item with 7slot and upgraded to +1 Keen we have 7FFFFFF0 which then we will convert to decimal 2147483632 [code](ncount * 65536) + (category * 256 + slot).[/code] nCount/item_id i can find inside *.dat files (e.g. bootY.dat), category/item_kind can't seem to find it
  9. Inserting Items to database

    [] Hi, Good day. i have used SQL Profiler to trace all queries made by PiON Account Manager im trying to make my own Account Manager with Visual Studio so far i have extracted this query in inserting an item nAvatorSerial = Character Serial nItemCode_K = ItemCode (e.g. irtal04 [KeenTalic] = 13115328) where and how do i get 13115328 nItemCode_D = Quantity nItemCode_U = Item Properties(?) Slot and Talics(?) dtGiveDate = Date DCK = ? T = Rent Duration(?) a little help please?