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  1. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    The PlayerCommand files were made by following this: https://github.com/goodwinxp/Yorozuya/wiki/NewAddon
  2. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    This version doesn't have that. You can however open up yorozuya and write your own version. If you need help, show what your tried so far and then someone can assist.
  3. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    I would suggest *CCharacter->InsertSFContEffect(1,2,[Life Conflict Index Number], [duration], [level], &pbUpMty, CCharacter);
  4. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    @Ron is there some download limit per day or time limit before a new member can download?
  5. PC_Bro

    Crit Error (because of a Relic)

    The Armor needs to have mesh files names that are linked to it to be in client folder in the correct path. Option 1 copy and rename mesh to match what the resource.dat file is looking for. Option 2 set the modelid in item.dat of the dragon armor to any other armor's id and it should resolve the issue.
  6. PC_Bro

    Crit Error (because of a Relic)

    You can look up the mesh name used by finding the item in item.dat then using the modelID value to look though resource.dat Most likely Dragon Armor mesh names need to be as follows: ACCRETIA is 254 and 178 BEFEMALE is 252 and 174 BELMALE is 252 and 174 CORFEMALE is 253 and 175 CORMALE is 253 and 175
  7. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    each { needs a } to close it.
  8. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    the priority value when its the same as something else will overwrite the storage array in code making only 1 of the values to be taken. its this way so you can activate some but not have them inside buffme if you change the order listed inside buffme.json
  9. PC_Bro

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    You mean like this?
  10. PC_Bro

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    PlayerCommands.7z To use this module drop it into the YorozuyaGS folder. Configure this module in the global.json with the following: (This will enabled the module in Yoro) { "name": "addon.player_commands", "config": { "activated": true, "SpecificMaps": true } } SpecificMaps is a true/false option (boolean) that controls if a player has to be on a specific map for the buff to work. By default this is set to the HQ maps. NeutralA 0 NeutralB 1 NeutralC 3 This ensures that it will not mess with PVP in game. After you have edited global.json run the zone once to auto generate the buffme config.json. This will enable you to edit the buffs available within the module. active - Enable or disable a specific buff priority - Set the order of the buffs when casted on a player buff_level - Set the level of the buff received (level 1 to 7) buff_duration - The duration the buff is active in seconds To use buffme in game, a character just types buffme in local character chat (white chat).
  11. PC_Bro

    Adding Safezone to server

    How to add a Safezone to a map such as Sette: Look in ZoneServer/RF_Bin/Map/ and if needed create a new file in [Map] folder like this [MapName]EXT.spt Now make sure your file name is like this [Map]EXT.spt Start with this as the [Map]EXT.spt: script_begin *[MapName]_dummy01 -XDis -YDis -ZDis XDis YDis ZDis -music -id 1 -node_tm 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 PosX PosY PosZ 1.000000 script_end Log into game with a gm account and go to the center of where you want the safezone to be. Have your character stand towards north and do the gm command %xyz. Replace PosX, PosY, Pos Z with the values that come up. Replace the Dis(distance area) based on the following X / -X = for Moving Right or Left From Character Y / -Y = For Moving High or Low Character ( Not for Moving Up or Moving Down ) Z / -Z = For Moving Up or Moving Down Character by default -100 -100 -100 100 100 100 is a good base amount to use. Save the file and restart your zone to test it. As an example this is what it could look like: script_begin *Sette_dummy01 -100 -100 -100 100 100 100 -music -id 1 -node_tm 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 660.000000 149.000000 1000.000000 1.000000 script_end
  12. PC_Bro

    Mau Alt Textures

    Fire and Ice Maus https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/AGCQe84 Credits by : rf-mods.ru and adesurya.com Metalic Mau https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/2u7ygTR Credits by : rf-mods.ru White Angel Mau https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/YBOoqAK Credits: Manuka on rf-mods.ru
  13. PC_Bro

    Common broken/missing graphic files

    Figured I should update the list... (incomplete atm) Animation: .\character\accship\accship.ani .\character\bfly\bfly.ani .\character\c_fight\c_fight.ani .\character\patrol\patrol_b.ani .\character\patrol\patrol_r.ani .\chef\realtime_00\ani\s_fight.ani .\chef\realtime_00\mesh\fight_b.ani .\chef\realtime_00\mesh\fight_l.ani .\chef\realtime_00\mesh\fight_r.ani .\character\monster\ani\lunker_waridle_01_00.ani (Check KLMONA.rfs) .\character\monster\ani\doctorhostfitton_waridle_01_00.ani (Check QuestMobA.rfs) EXILEH2.rfs Has unused animation: hostfitton_wareidle_01_00.ani EXILEL2.rfs Has extra Lunker animation, the only unique to EXILEL2 file is LUNKER_WARPOWERUP_01_00.
  14. PC_Bro

    Can't take quest split

    For the learning experience of others here is more elaboration: every repeat quest has a number here or a npc with multiple quest stock files starts at 1 and ends at 130ish so continue on from there with numbering LnkQstGrpID Column
  15. PC_Bro

    Add new item cash shop

    Issue seems to be resolved with jrlegolas90 saying @jrlegolas90 Just so other people can learn mind not editing the first post, instead just making a new post or thumbs up the message that helped instead?
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