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  1. PC_Bro

    Mau Alt Textures

    Fire and Ice Maus https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/AGCQe84 Credits by : rf-mods.ru and adesurya.com Metalic Mau https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/2u7ygTR Credits by : rf-mods.ru White Angel Mau https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/YBOoqAK Credits: Manuka on rf-mods.ru
  2. PC_Bro

    Common broken/missing graphic files

    Figured I should update the list... (incomplete atm) Animation: .\character\accship\accship.ani .\character\bfly\bfly.ani .\character\c_fight\c_fight.ani .\character\patrol\patrol_b.ani .\character\patrol\patrol_r.ani .\chef\realtime_00\ani\s_fight.ani .\chef\realtime_00\mesh\fight_b.ani .\chef\realtime_00\mesh\fight_l.ani .\chef\realtime_00\mesh\fight_r.ani .\character\monster\ani\lunker_waridle_01_00.ani (Check KLMONA.rfs) .\character\monster\ani\doctorhostfitton_waridle_01_00.ani (Check QuestMobA.rfs) EXILEH2.rfs Has unused animation: hostfitton_wareidle_01_00.ani EXILEL2.rfs Has extra Lunker animation, the only unique to EXILEL2 file is LUNKER_WARPOWERUP_01_00.
  3. PC_Bro

    Can't take quest split

    For the learning experience of others here is more elaboration: every repeat quest has a number here or a npc with multiple quest stock files starts at 1 and ends at 130ish so continue on from there with numbering LnkQstGrpID Column
  4. PC_Bro

    Add new item cash shop

    Issue seems to be resolved with jrlegolas90 saying @jrlegolas90 Just so other people can learn mind not editing the first post, instead just making a new post or thumbs up the message that helped instead?
  5. Pinned it for people that want to use strs.
  6. It is *after I moved it
  7. PC_Bro

    Tex not working on custom armors

    Do you have the textures you used referenced in the msh file?
  8. PC_Bro

    RF Map Tool

    Heres a STR that goes with structorian to check what fields the hash changes are at [filemask="*.ebp"] struct master { u32 sections; i32 offset_Vertice; //CFVertex i32 size_Vertice; i32 offset_COL_LINE; // CFLine i32 size_COL_LINE; u32 offset_CFLineID; //CFLineID u32 size_CFLineID; // u32 offset_CFLeaf; //empty in elven //CFLeaf u32 size_CFLeaf; //empty in elven u32 offset_EntityList; //EntityList u32 size_EntityList; u32 offset_EntityID; //EntityID u32 size_EntityID; u32 offset_LeafEntityList; //LeafEntityList u32 size_LeafEntityList; i32 offset_SoundEntityID; //SoundEntityID i32 size_SoundEntityID; i32 offset_LeafSoundEntityList; //LeafSoundEntityList i32 size_LeafSoundEntityList; } If the hash changes are sound related try just replacing those values on the saved ebp. It may crash it may not after the changes. If the background then works I think I know what the issue is.
  9. PC_Bro

    RF Map Tool

    Yep check the ebp
  10. PC_Bro

    RF Map Tool

    Interesting... With a hex editor such as HxD you could check if just the background music file path changed on save.
  11. PC_Bro

    RF Map Tool

    Are the sound entities able to be seen on the map before you save? If they are try having them visible then save.
  12. PC_Bro


    Back in May that person was removed from the team. The problem with permanently banning people is that they will just comeback under a different name. I'll talk with Ron more about it though. The best way to protect against scams is to learn and put in the effort to do the task yourself. Luckily I know a place that has guides and resources to do most things. It's rf-dev.net if you have questions on things use the support section and somebody may write a guide for it or just answer it.
  13. PC_Bro

    Model Editing

    3DS Max plugins will not work for Maya last I checked
  14. PC_Bro

    RF Map Tool

    More info would be helpful.... Normal map or new custom map would be an example. Also what operating system your using, we built it on Windows 10, it's uncertain if there are issues with older versions.
  15. PC_Bro

    [Help] RF Online Maps to Blender or 3DS Max

    When I'm not super busy I'll look up my old code to help give you a clue. Off hand I think my way used the the material group for texture assignment.
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