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  1. Strange... Agony has a copy of it.
  2. I haven't seen real files first hand. Good luck working on those files as they are very rare. AOP (4.15) has been uploaded by other people and are readily available. If you want what AOP offers I'm sure you could just use that version. Due to the rarity you would need to use a Program DataBase file (.pdb ) to add new features. If you don't know how to use a .pdb file it is going to take a longer time to add that in yourself, most people don't volunteer their free time unless you have something unique and interesting.
  3. PC_Bro

    Spawn Editor

    Realized looking at code is much nicer than just circles. When I double click on code then that group is shown.
  4. PC_Bro

    Pit Bosses regen

    MonsterCharacter.dat has the values your looking for. HPRecDelay and HPRecUnit both are floats.
  5. Development of Spawn Editor It is a start of a new month and now I'm writing a spawn editor. For a long time map tool has been great for some things however it lacked in my opinion ease of access for creating and modifying spawns. To best address this I'm making a data forward designed version. 3D is a bit overkill for most maps so I elected to go with 2D instead. Using a mouse pan approach is fast and accurate to move. This tool also will support searching and displaying monster info in the future. Already built in I have included displaying spawns of a searched code. The coordinat
  6. Only the bold work on Giga3 files at this point. No one I know is licensing zoneguards for that version. So for anti cheat you would need to come up with your own solution or not do it. Also for file editing you would have most likely have to come up with your own solution or not do it. For the gamecp if you can't even set the security up your just asking for trouble. On top of that the gamecp has to be updated to work with that data. You can't tell me your going to run a server just for yourself when your using a gamecp. If your stuck I'm sure the community would offer advice. @Ron @Alyx
  7. Been a bit busy, most changes made were to add in support tasks like checking which recipes work. Now the tool generates both server and client side code. Also got m_dwUpt changed to show talics and slots properly.
  8. This week was mostly changes to prepare for a big update. Shifting into support for editing I redid the design. Got rid of buttons and instead choose to go with a check box to have the popup. Also new is the Creator window, with it plenty of recipes could be added in. This allows for selecting all the recipes then changing material values to have all of them changed at once. If the text starts with LL in materials a new one is created if that doesn't exists. Linked Results can also get created the same way in itmPdOutput if they start with LR first. At this point there is more logic needed t
  9. Its been awhile since I posted. Now the cursor wait has been added. I'm putting the testing to a later date and instead changed to get in things that would help us now. Also in this time I have done some changes to the ui design. When it got time to support editing I changed over to this.
  10. Special Update: It hasn't been long though there has been progress that is worth showing. Added in: Font Color in the main list changing from the Output Item Grade Support for widening the view Setting.ini file so paths are not hardcoded Improved the Display Name toggle (more items have labels now) Font Colors based on output result: support for widening view
  11. So this week was a great refactor change. Now i have the core logic much nicer so it handles things in a more object oriented design. With this I added the following: The list option to see all recipes, instead of filtering into categories Support to search specific items in all categories at once or filter the results to specific types Displaying number of recipes Error checking on the recipes, like if the LinkedResults does not have the value, or the recipe has no outputnum. Showing another field of the format and adding the option to search by it Expande
  12. This week was planning to get more progress than what ended up happening. I did manage to get version one of the toggle between Name and Code done. Planning on getting more progress with the upcoming holiday.
  13. Development of Item Combine Viewer With the upcoming of PlayRF I wanted to look into things other servers don't really edit much. One such thing is the item combine system used with the hero in each race. I'm been working on this for some time, its to the point that its worthy of a post. So far the tool loads data from: LinkedResult.dat LinkedStuff.dat CombineTable.dat CombineTable2.dat Added in 7/2/2021 NDItem.dat Item.dat Right now the tool has support to search for specific items in output results or material inputs. For output results the
  14. [filemask ="*_str.dat"] struct ItemName { u32 nBlocks; u32 nColumns; u32 nSize; child Languages [count=nBlocks]; } struct Languages [preload = 1] { u32 nCount; cstr [len=64] _ItemCode; cstr [len=64] Lang01; cstr [len=64] Lang02; cstr [len=64] Lang03; cstr [len=64] Lang04; cstr [len=64] Lang05; cstr [len=64] Lang06; cstr [len=64] Lang07; cstr [len=64] Lang08; cstr [len=64] Lang09; cstr [len=64] Lang10; cstr [len=64] Lang11; } _str files do not have all the items needed to make a complete list of ND files. Newer items are missing, so you would need to add
  15. curious what the difference is between this and the $99 from http://www.beethink.com/antiddos.htm
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