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  1. Need Help Login issues

    i use local IP, cause I cannot make my launcher work with global IP set on my emulator. and set Global IP on my GateIP.. so from there i get error. i have to disable GateIP to be able to connect. but sadly friends can't get in.. before, rflauncher works with my Global IP which is also set to my emulator and set Gate IP correctly with my global IP. no problem at all, only then when I changed ISP with new router this happened, in which I can't even use port 8080 so made 8181 open instead.. then there it goes,,
  2. Need Help Login issues

    Yes, since friends from outside my network can logged in
  3. Need Help Login issues

    Hello there RF-Dev, Sorry but I'm experiencing something weird problems lately. Before When my local PC server is set to private/local i am able to login client on the same machine where my server is located. Opened it port forward did well and my friends was able to logged in and so do I. Now, i'm on my new ISP with new router, my friends are able to connect, but I cannot anymore logged in over my own pc where server is running. I did the same setting as before(old ISP), but now on my new ISP, I was able to make my emulator work in local mode( but got stuck after clicking Server List. then as I keep on forcing to try it, error came UP like Server is Full something.. Did the reconfigurations but ended up same results. What seems to be the problem?.. Hoping for some networking experts to guide me about this. Thanks!!