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  1. llxll

    [HELP] Auction Buy Error

    Hello, is there anyone knows this error? I cant buy items worth 1,000,000,000 and above but except the price is 999,999,999. if the price is 1,000,000,000 then the client close I doubt there's problem in Rf_online.bin or in the ZoneServerUD_x64 for the auction house price limit?
  2. llxll


    Im rooting to this, hoping to release it even its incomplete rather than developed but never shared because of lost interest while doing the project.
  3. llxll

    RF GameCP V2

    Good day, is there anyone using Latest PHP? because I cant execute the convert_tbls_new due to deprecated PHP Calls For example: mssql_connect() in the latest PHP, its already deprecated and sqlsrv_connect() must be use same as other mssql calls
  4. I already searched about this in google but I cant find any topic about it. Is anyone knows how to disable Runes and Generator charm? Thanks in advance
  5. llxll

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    finally this is the stocker lava code. Im sorry but what will i need to do to remove the stocker lava?
  6. llxll

    [HELP] Removing Stocker Lava

    Hello, may I ask on how to remove Stocker Lava. Im not sure if Cauldron01-[BLOCK] is the right file to edit
  7. llxll

    [HELP] Removing Blue Mau

    Thanks for reply, but can I ask the specific way that I need to change? what pt? and what/how to change it to level 100? thanks!
  8. llxll

    [HELP] Removing Blue Mau

    Hello, may I ask about how to remove lvl 50 maus and above? the blue and yellow mau. I want to retain only the lvl 1-50 red mau. Thanks!
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