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  1. Maree

    Tex not working on custom armors

    .jpg/.jpeg is also works in rf
  2. Maree

    [HELP] Removing Items in Cash Shop

    9 first line
  3. Maree

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    can you give me what error said ?
  4. Maree

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    if your client is 2232 ServerSide CashShop.dat Change value to 0 (disable) ClientSide ItemCash.edf Change value to 0 (disable)
  5. Maree

    Sprite Images

    alpha channel
  6. Maree

    about exp rate

    Exp.dat = How much Exp for every Level ServerRate.ini = Value Exp Gain from hit / Kill Mobs x Value ServerRate CMIIW
  7. Maree

    Quest Codes

    He said about Daily Quest Clue . if he can understand the Route of Elan's Daily Quest . He can Create new Daily Quest . NPC elan have 10 Daily Quest with Different Reward and Different Req . its avaliable on 1 NPC . But the different is Before Doing Quest you need Material From this NPC .
  8. Maree

    Quest Codes

    See NPC DNA (Location Elan)
  9. Maree

    [Help] Armor Glow

    urwel bro
  10. Maree

    [Help] Armor Glow

    Some Armor Model ID have added on ItemEffectList . Example you use 4000A1 , in Default ItemEffectList 4000A1 is avaliable , if you add Same Value On Bottom Line , your effect will not display Cause the Any Mutiple Code there . 4000A1 with default Link Effect and 4000A1 with your Custom Effect,cause ItemEffectList Read from top .
  11. Maree

    [Help] Armor Glow

    you need check Multiple ModelID on ItemEffectList.txt or add new Model ID From First Line.
  12. Maree

    How to change Skill Effect

    ServerSide = Force.dat, ClassSkill.dat , Skill.dat Client = SkillForce.edf example want to make bash skill like presurre bomb = AnimationID or Change Ani on Resource.edf i want to change it to increase crit = i dont know well , just using value eff from Another Skill
  13. Maree

    Edit 50 Quest Monster Count and Text message!

    screenshoot your clientquest sheet
  14. Maree

    New Dragon Skins

    get your ModelID from item you want replace to Dragon Armor Open your Resource.edf and search using ModelID from Item.edf , then Replace the Mesh Name with Dragon Armor Mesh name Add Mesh on your Patch , dont forget add to RFSInfo.dat on your Patch if you using New Name .RFS file
  15. Maree

    New Dragon Skins

    any 2 ways to do it - rename dragon armor mesh to old armor you want to use . - change Mesh on Resource.edf based on model ID you want use
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