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  1. Maree

    Edit 50 Quest Monster Count and Text message!

    screenshoot your clientquest sheet
  2. Maree

    New Dragon Skins

    get your ModelID from item you want replace to Dragon Armor Open your Resource.edf and search using ModelID from Item.edf , then Replace the Mesh Name with Dragon Armor Mesh name Add Mesh on your Patch , dont forget add to RFSInfo.dat on your Patch if you using New Name .RFS file
  3. Maree

    New Dragon Skins

    any 2 ways to do it - rename dragon armor mesh to old armor you want to use . - change Mesh on Resource.edf based on model ID you want use
  4. Maree

    Edit Map Portal

    haha nice . i no need explain again haha
  5. Maree

    Edit Map Portal

    give me SS Client Map Cora ( Portal Name ) , if you replace dpfrom_sette on Cora PortalName ( Map.edf ) , you only need change this MapIndex : 27 Unknown : 1
  6. Maree

    Icons / Samples

    thankss , i need it for website >.<
  7. Maree


  8. Maree

    Charm or Generator Limit to 1

    set min value same as max value
  9. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    what you mean ? if you want to know Spr number , count it from left to right , start from 0
  10. Maree

    Help.. How add new portal

    you need edit ndmap too for portal name
  11. Maree

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    ill send you mesh and tex later, you only need to cut Shield Eff from npc
  12. Maree

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    cut it from npc and the eff from npc working as well
  13. Maree

    Mechanic Wings

    basicly i ripped from aion and tera
  14. Maree

    Creating New Weapon

  15. Maree

    Mechanic Wings

    yes i have more 3dmodels of wing, for smillar style i didnt have , i got it from another game
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