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  1. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

  2. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    better is using clean bin and using strs for bin . or you can edit from replace offset
  3. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    have you edit PT Limit on RF_Online.bin?
  4. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    All mastery have updated to 70 Lv ? and Character.edf too?
  5. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    Error when spawning item 67-70? or item not showed in game? if Error when spawning 67-70 ,are you have replace my Script into your script? if spawn isnt error , you should update your Edf with my Edf
  6. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    okay bro .
  7. Maree

    Patron Skin Full

    are you have done with your issue? have you using my Item.edf ? cause if not show in client you have missmatch EDF and Script
  8. Maree

    Tex not working on custom armors

    .jpg/.jpeg is also works in rf
  9. Maree

    [HELP] Removing Items in Cash Shop

    9 first line
  10. Maree

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    can you give me what error said ?
  11. Maree

    How to Remove Items from CashShop

    if your client is 2232 ServerSide CashShop.dat Change value to 0 (disable) ClientSide ItemCash.edf Change value to 0 (disable)
  12. Maree

    Sprite Images

    alpha channel
  13. Maree

    about exp rate

    Exp.dat = How much Exp for every Level ServerRate.ini = Value Exp Gain from hit / Kill Mobs x Value ServerRate CMIIW
  14. Maree

    Quest Codes

    He said about Daily Quest Clue . if he can understand the Route of Elan's Daily Quest . He can Create new Daily Quest . NPC elan have 10 Daily Quest with Different Reward and Different Req . its avaliable on 1 NPC . But the different is Before Doing Quest you need Material From this NPC .
  15. Maree

    Quest Codes

    See NPC DNA (Location Elan)
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