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  1. Edit User Interface

  2. Edit User Interface

    you need unPack spr and format result after unpack is a DDS , then you need open DDS file using DDS Plugins
  3. Request Skin Armor 70!

  4. Edit User Interface

    Photosop with Nvidia DDS Plugins
  5. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    i have using DevCorp protection 1 years ago , and DevCorp bin have fix for HuntingPoint and Processing Point , but now im not using DevCorp again , thats why im use this method for buying hp/pp item price haha
  6. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    buy some item after than re buy HuntingPoint item, i have using HP and PP on my rf and work correctly
  7. Help how to remove empty bytes

    before Failed to create empty document you got message ItemLooting.datblablabla ? if no,you have wrong problem bro
  8. [Help]Character.dat PT

    Need Match Character PT value on Character.edf and Bin
  9. Clue For create Dialy Quest

    right , jangan pake bang napa wkwk
  10. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    haha thanks for some information bro , ill try later. i need more information from other dat too . Are you know Some information about some dat with schedule name, example accretian_schedule.dat ? this dat is linked to Guild Battle schedule or war schedule ??
  11. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    i think different because ReqAct for this booty is 20 not 1 , thats why i think it Stone Ball after Destroy Chip Oke ill try later,but i need some advice from someone who know it hahaha , it will be faster than debug
  12. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    no one code HMS there , only iyhsc01 ( i havent found this booty Code on Script ) i think the stone when last Hit chip
  13. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    Anyone know how to change Total Quantity of HMS Needed when War ? i have search in All Quest.dat and Some *.ini Files , i have not found about Quantity HMS . thanks
  14. Patron Skin Full

    haha sorry i cant help with your problem yesterday bro , and congrats you can solve it haha
  15. Anyone know the code for MAU holding web?

    Check on UnitShoulder , any table for secondary ammo there , and match it with client