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  1. Maree

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    the easy way to Fix it , just Replace Gold Capsule Model ID from Item.edf with Other Potion with Mesh when it Dropped
  2. Maree

    Cash Related : Product List index is different.

    1. Sync CashShop.dat , CashShop_str.dat , NDItemCash.Edf with same price or you can using CashShop matching from LikeTurban 2. if you using BILLING RU ( dbo.tbl_personal_billing ) , Delete all Data from dbo.tbl_CashList and Re-Insert from CashShop.sql from Result CashShop Matching Tools
  3. Maree

    NDLanguange.edf help

    Using Hex Editor
  4. Maree

    Dragon Armor

    Add Mesh to Resource.edf after than create new ModelCode / Replace old Model Code and sync it with Model on Item.edf
  5. Maree

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    choose interpolated alpha
  6. Maree

    Edit or Add Icon RF

  7. Maree

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    standart edit on photosop and remove alpha on your new edited square
  8. Maree

    Edit or Add Icon RF

    Unpack Spr using DDS Converter , and Open it Using Photosop with Nvidia DDS Plugins
  9. Maree

    [HELP] New PLayer Get Costume Item

  10. Maree

    How to add a MAU key to a player's backpack?

    you cant do it,i have trying with several ways add MAU Unit Into Bag,then All Old Part of my MAU is moved to this key,the better way is Using SQL for Change MAU Part if you want add Donate
  11. Maree

    Edit User Interface

  12. Maree

    Edit User Interface

    you need unPack spr and format result after unpack is a DDS , then you need open DDS file using DDS Plugins
  13. Maree

    Request Skin Armor 70!

  14. Maree

    Edit User Interface

    Photosop with Nvidia DDS Plugins
  15. Maree

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    i have using DevCorp protection 1 years ago , and DevCorp bin have fix for HuntingPoint and Processing Point , but now im not using DevCorp again , thats why im use this method for buying hp/pp item price haha