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  1. Maree

    Help.. How add new portal

    you need edit ndmap too for portal name
  2. Maree

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    ill send you mesh and tex later, you only need to cut Shield Eff from npc
  3. Maree

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    cut it from npc and the eff from npc working as well
  4. Maree

    Mechanic Wings

    basicly i ripped from aion and tera
  5. Maree

    Creating New Weapon

  6. Maree

    Mechanic Wings

    yes i have more 3dmodels of wing, for smillar style i didnt have , i got it from another game
  7. Maree

    [Help] Success Downgrade and Destroy

    Item Grade , Example : 0 = Normal Item with White Color Name , 1 = Intense Item , 2 = Type A Item (Purple) , 3 = Brown Color Item etc
  8. Maree

    [Help] Success Downgrade and Destroy

    Destroy and Fail Max Value 10000 = 100% Success Rate Max Value 1000 = 100% CMIIW
  9. Maree

    Remove Portals

    Edit Portal Client Side : Map.edf Portal Name Client Side : NdMap.edf Portal Server Side ZoneServer/RF_Bin/Map/(MapName)/(MapName)_Portal.dat
  10. Maree

    How to set Max lvl to 45?

    QuestLevelLimit can help you
  11. Maree

    Help using T6 gem

  12. Maree

    Mechanic Wings

    Mechanic Wings Sample Download Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/729kwf988hzisnm/MechanicWings.7z/file Mesh File : ACCRETIA_ARMOR_CLOAK_000.msh BELFEMALE_ARMOR_CLOAK_000.msh BELMALE_ARMOR_CLOAK_000.msh CORFEMALE_ARMOR_CLOAK_000.msh CORMALE_ARMOR_CLOAK_000.msh
  13. Maree


    try check Initialize/ActionPointSystem.ini and see End_ if End_ < now, Change it to End_ > now .
  14. Maree

    Random Slot Weapon (LOOT DROP)

    it will automatic random slot basic by max slot in script
  15. Maree

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    the easy way to Fix it , just Replace Gold Capsule Model ID from Item.edf with Other Potion with Mesh when it Dropped
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