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  1. leethobbit

    Server setup for RF 2.2.3 BSB

    Post moved to Support. Thanks for the assist.
  2. leethobbit

    RF Local Server Setup Guide [Document]

    Thanks for the share. This is a good guide, I've been using it for years now. @Rusyhan This guide should be mostly identical for 2.2.3 but I'm not 100% sure on that. @Zenobyte Yes, this guide is for setting up the server and client on the same PC.
  3. leethobbit

    HELP for creating GM account

    I know this was mentioned but just to clarify, when you are logging in on the launcher, are you logging in with !marsmith and then your password? You add the ! in front when logging in with a GM account. Also, maybe post the table you successfully inserted into. Thanks.
  4. leethobbit

    TEST SERVER Availible! GIGA 4 Final (lv50 cap)

    Soooo.... super necro post here, but do you still need assistance with this @H4TE? I assisted Ron and the team with translations and renaming maps/npcs/skills etc on one of their projects and would be willing to help you with your NPC stuff. I am looking to build "retail like" Giga 4 server files for my own private collection and need to do this anyways so figured we could team up. Let me know if this is still something that you want to do.
  5. leethobbit

    POLL: Which repack versions do you want to see first?

    Appreciate you chiming in! Yeah it looks like those two versions will be first. I do plan on spending effort on 2232, 215, and Giga 4 at the very least. After that I may go back to do repacks of 223 and 216, depending on feedback and interest at that point. If I'm not mistaken Kaswynn files for Giga 4 will need a decent amount of work so that will come later. I'm not certain I have the files together for this but I'm also keen on doing a Giga 3 repack. Pre-cash shop and even pre-Giga 4 RF was super cool and since I played while it was a subscription game I have fond memories of this era. I'd love to see how people react to playing the game without the macro system. :-) Feel free to let me know anything you guys want to see outside of just working files. Things like a folder of SQL queries or version-specific tools are some of the ideas I have floating around.
  6. Hey RF-Dev peeps, I am going to start working on creating repacks for the community. The goal is to pull together working files, typically with as much vanilla or unedited content as possible, and share it with the community in easily usable packages. This will likely include installation and troubleshooting notes, all required client/server files, clean BINs, translations, and more. I know a lot of this stuff exists on the forums but most of it is scattered across many different threads. The purpose of this poll is to see which versions are most desired by you guys so I know where to start. I have working files for most of these versions already, but they are all over the place and not organized at all. Please let me know what types of things you'd like to see included!
  7. leethobbit

    RF_Online.bin Download Archive

    Here's a clean Giga 4 BIN. This was ripped from the launch CD when the game first came out. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gaS6f5O58jXh7NwvwPy7GzNs6wMvnugo EDIT: This might be Giga 3 actually. I'll need to do some research to see if there's a good way to tell.
  8. Hello friends, I ordered a few copies of the original RF Online CD that shipped in 2005 from eBay and figured I'd share the files. I ripped them from the CD, installed the client, and then zipped it up. If you want the raw data from the CD I am happy to provide that as well. It should be noted these files precede the 2.1.5 files shared by Ron and are very likely Giga 4 files. I played the game at launch with the CD version and it was many months before 2.1.5 launched. You'll notice some EDF/DAT files are missing, including stuff like CashShop.EDF since there was no cash shop back then. Link (Google Drive): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ybQ1I6GMA-hC2yOnQOAIwQGOPPuWuEOk Link for just the BIN file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gaS6f5O58jXh7NwvwPy7GzNs6wMvnugo I know GD sometimes gets weird if a bunch of people download so I can move this to MEGA down the road if there are issues.
  9. leethobbit

    Change LoginServer or RF.exe port [2.1.5]

    Thanks so much, this allowed me to login and select a world. Now I'm getting a "Waiting for server response" error but will investigate. Thanks for helping me make progress! @CreditHunter I will check that thread out also. Thank you! EDIT: My "Waiting on Server Response" issue was fixed by using a different BIN. The 2.1.5 server is now PLAYABLE. I will be posting a repack in the coming weeks after I get things cleaned up and uploaded to MEGA. Thanks for the help!
  10. leethobbit

    Pack RF Online Development

    Password worked when I copy/pasted it. Thank you SO MUCH for this. I am just getting started with trying to edit servers for RF, but this already has a lot of the software I needed. Thanks again!
  11. leethobbit

    Change LoginServer or RF.exe port [2.1.5]

    Here it is, zipped. Thanks! LoginServerSD.zip
  12. Hey guys, I've been working on setting up a 2.1.5 server with the help of Ron and others in the Discord, but I thought I'd just post here. I have an issue where my LoginServerSD is using port 10110 and client is using 10001. I tried using Hex Workshop and HxD but was unable to find the port numbers in the exes to change them. I saw a post on RZ about using STRS but I honestly don't know anything about STRS and when I tried to use the LoginServer one nothing happened. This is likely because I am using 2.1.5 client and all of the STRS stuff is designed for Anyone have any idea how to change a port on launcher or loginserver in older versions? I think my server will work once I get the ports to match. Thanks!
  13. leethobbit

    Old Giga 4 files and patch notes

    Thanks for the reply. Noticed there is a BIN in the 'launcher' RAR file... if anyone is in need of a Giga 4 BIN it is possible that one is clean. Also, if anyone is interested in only part of this collection I am happy to make a smaller upload for you.
  14. Hello gang, So I've been hanging out on the Discord and I recently discovered some old Giga 4 stuff I had on an old laptop. Files are most likely going to be the same Kaswynn files everyone else has but I noticed some interesting tools and things that might not exist anymore. I have uploaded the entire thing as a 1GB zip to MEGA. Screenshot attached for reference. Link: https://mega.nz/#!9qgHUY4T!TDv0SHyKWylA1Dp7jxC5WL8D2DZL0i43nhgkGdAUrrM Note: I did not scan any of this stuff for viruses so you might want to do that prior to running anything out of here. It is all stuff I found on various parts of Ragezone many years ago. Secondly, I also have detailed patch notes for Giga 4 pt 1, Giga 4 pt 2, and 2.1.5 just in case anyone ever wanted to see exactly what got added. I have attached a zip containing the patch notes also. Feel free to yell at me for wasting your time or praising me if any of the stuff ends up being useful :-) RFoldpatchnotes.zip
  15. leethobbit

    RF Online Project Document by ODIN Team

    Wow! This is super cool... now I just have to learn Korean Thanks for the share.
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