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  1. cyberswitch

    Cant connect from other pc

    Hello, What do i need to do with the server name in the ini files? And I can't find the login .ini file in any folder. This is what I have in worldinfo .ini [System] WorldName = RF_SERVER GateIP = ServerType = 0 BillingCode = 32 BillOper = 0 FreeServer = 1 HBKPath = C:\HBK HistoryPath = C:\History NationCode = RU Thanks in advance
  2. cyberswitch

    Cant connect from other pc

    Thanks for the info, but the solution was a simple one. I rename the client folder and it was not working renaming it back to "client" solved it. Now I have a new issue... I'm trying to connect using a regular account but it is saying the Login is Closed, I already typed /open on the login server and it is showing External Connection is set to true but normal account skill can't connect. Hope someone help me with this. Thanks in advance
  3. cyberswitch

    RF Account Manager

    how to configure this? thanks in advance NVM I figured it out, thanks to all the helpful posts in this thread
  4. cyberswitch

    Cant connect from other pc

    Hello, I just finished the server set up and if i connect from the same computer where the server is installed it will connect and login, but if use the client from other pc i was not able to connect from it. When I run the launcher it will wait a moment then error message shows up saying "due to the number of maximum user limit or network problem, it is impossible to connect to the server. code: 183 I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance
  5. cyberswitch

    Issue extracting server files

    hello, thanks for the info. I also tried winrar and same error, unzipping is not completing. but I managed to solve it... I unzip folder by folder.
  6. cyberswitch

    Issue extracting server files

    I'm having issues extracting the server files, I have tried so many times and its giving me the same error Winrar diagnostic message: ! Z:\RF online server setup\RFDEV\server.7z: operation failed Please Help Thanks
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