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  1. Hello, I just have a few question because I got confused on the [MAP]EXT.spt naming... So If I want to make a safezone in Elf land, I need to create a spt file named CoraEXT.spt then call that in the script as *CoraEXT_dummy01 ? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Do you have a copy of the monster adder tool? The link you got it from does not exist anymore. Can you share it? Thanks!
  3. Hello, Can you re upload the file please? The link is not working anymore. thanks in advance
  4. Hello the lin is not working, is there a new link to download this? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the Info guys, I will try this later when I get home. Sorry for the late reply as I was infected by COVID-19 and I needed to stay in the hospital.
  6. Still no luck, Can't connect to my server at home from the outside. Badly Needed Help 😭
  7. Hello Sir, Thanks for the reply Yes, 10001 and 27780 is forwarded and yes my ISP have reverse connection as I have multiple game servers like GTAV-FiveM and Ragnarok Online running and it is live over the internet with people connecting ang playing on it. Did I miss any IP addresses to be changed to WAN on files WorldInfo.ini, AccountSystem.ini, BillingSystem.ini, LoginSystem.ini? As if now I'm losing alot of hair scratching my head to solve this. Thanks Again
  8. UP Anyone? Please Help? Do I need to forward more ports other than 10001 ? The server works fine local PC and on local network, I just need to make this online. Thanks in advance
  9. Up Anyone have the same issue as mine? I really need help on this, any insight is much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Yes, I forgot to include that info on my original post. Yes! the launcher RFLauncher.ini is configured to use the WAN IP and still not working. Thanks for the reply
  11. Hello, First of all... Happy Holidays! I have setup a RFO server using your Tutorial/Starter Guide, I am using all files that are in that tutorial (server and client). I was able to setup the server and was able to connect to the server successfully to both Local PC and any PC in my Local Network using GM account and normal account using local IP The only problem is I was not able to connect over WAN or internet, I have configured port forwarding for 10001 correctly as I was able to check the ports are open via port checker . Firewall is disabled. Also RFLauncher.ini is
  12. Can this be used to edit Exp.dat on server and client? Thanks!
  13. i will definitely avail this as soon i get my server up and running
  14. Everything is working locally now, the reason i was not able to login with a normal account is because the login was using the testaccount database. I did some digging and was able to use the account database and was able to login normal accounts. Thanks for all the help and insights. Now I only need to make this accessible online, and it would be much appreciated if I am pointed to the right direction. Thanks Again in Advance
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