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  1. im still learning some stuff but slowly i'm making my server testing all to work good i can give you some files like client side server side ( like pots not premium added to Potion Master
  2. so basically it's a zone problem ? if i will buy devcorp one will work cash shop ?
  3. Problems Couse i both something from cash shop and I'm getting disconnect
  4. i think you need a normal guard first buy dev-corp one cause it's fixed that issue and query i gess one of thouse 2 or both
  5. can you gimme please link i don't know what exactly i need to found ?
  6. i made rf online server on wind 7 on my leptop acer 3.7 GB RAM procesor intel 2.2 dual core Hdd 500 GB was working great
  7. i'm confused what you try to do but you need to edit force and class skills (or bullet and potion if you want item with some effect )
  8. Can you gimme please file client of DA and code ? i got some but when i'm editing items.edf from client side (for example ring effect ) it's gimme error something with icon code (its 189 or 226 )
  9. Just erase the code or erase effects
  10. i i got already that thx but i i have to do 0203 cause i got 3 effects )) and to make another effects for another set of elements i need to put 7
  11. Hi guys so i'm trying to figure out with parser editing ...around of 70 % of question about editing were resolved by this program i got small problem editing item effect you can see in the video i got just 1 effect edit instead of 3-4 what i'm trying to add what i'm not doing correct Download video Download video Download video What hasto be in the rule line ?
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