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  1. fullwar

    How RF Publisher in my country ruin RF Online games

    First, i dont know how much and what kind of subscription they are paying to the developper. But if you compare it to other official server like playpark, i dont see there is such event that you need highest topup account to win grandprize, especially if the grandprize is nearly imposible to get in game it self. And yet the playpark server still running. Which make me think theyre doing the event simply to grab money as much as they can. Publisher in a way “abusing” loyal and willing to pay player to keep spending. IMHO, if publisher cant pay the official developper anymore may be they should close the service or let another company doing the service, not ruining the game by turn the game to pay to win or money based event schema.
  2. fullwar

    [Help] Instant Max Level on new chars possible?

    how about make some monster drop exp potion ?
  3. it look like your mssql server is refuse connection from the apps. please make sure that web and mssql server running on same machine, check this post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18603696/trouble-connecting-to-sql-server-login-failed-the-login-is-from-an-untrusted-d
  4. fullwar

    How RF Publisher in my country ruin RF Online games

    2 days after i create this thread, they doing another server merge i wonder what kind of agreement that publisher make with developer, and if only there is a way to report these bad service publisher to developer.
  5. hi everyone, hope yall doing great and healthy today i want to share my opinion about how publisher in my country ruined rf online games. Since first release on my country, rf online have massive player base, in my opinion rf online have better graphic and unique feature than other mmorpg back in the day, nearly thousand player online everyday and creating massive community, everyone love playing rf online in internet cafe. Year after year rf online player decrease because there are many new games genre that popular in internet cafe such as first person shooter, MOBA and casual games, but rf online still have loyal player that still playing after years. Loyal rf online player willing to spend their time and money to play, maybe that is why publisher held many event that cost big money such as top up event, premium services etc, that ruin game experience for me at least, here is some publisher do that i think ruin the RPG concept in rf online to become money based game : PC cafe feature that turning into paid premium services, nearly every online game have pc cafe benefit system that if player playing on specific internet cafe they will get benefit such as more exp, loot and special rental items etc. Publisher change this feature to paid premium services, so if you want to get premium services you need to pay specific amount or buy voucher. for example, player need to pay 5 usd to get 7 days premium services, i think this feature not really ruin the game but games but some scheme that publisher used to gain money. Server merging, in the beginning server publisher will merge server if it have low online player, this merging activity impact in game economy and unbalance equipment, publisher doing server merge nearly every year and not doing anything to balance two server that merged. Selling in game rare equipment with real money, publisher organize yearly "festival" when every player can meetup, this is nice event at first, player can exchange their used voucher to random prize, but lately this event turning into hundred even thousand dollars bidding for specific rare weapon that you cannot get in game such as relic weapon, equipment, high elemental, etc. GM Helping "specific" player, in june 2014 player caught GM helping other player to level up with bug and spawning monsters, after being caught in video, publisher said this activity is for testing the exp rate, but after few hours publisher post apologize video, and that player has been banned and fired the GM that doing "test". proof video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omfXBqukEYY Disable in game feature and selling it, if you follow the rf online version update, you will know Gold point feature that can be used to exchange in Gold Pig merchant, publisher disable this Golden Capsule use and later on remove it from loot, so there is no way player can have gold point except top up event, so you need to top up specific amount of money and publisher will reward you gold point, there is no way that free player will get this equipment from gold pig merchant. Closing the old rf online service and re-open it with "remastered" label, which is not really remastered only add maps, monsters, and equipment there is no big improvement on graphic and game play, private developer do this years ago . More money based event, few month ago publisher organize top up event that the first prize only can be claimed for Highest coin top up, strangely there is no information about who and how much player top up. ln response to this bad services, many people developing their private server, but when private server have their own satisfied fans and the official publisher have less player, publisher hire lawyer to shutdown private server. Lawyer starting to shutdown website domain first if you have "rf" on your domain, after that they will contact the server owner and close the service. for me this is the worst action publisher doing, shutting down the private server wont make rf ps fans come back to official server. publisher need to face it that official service their offer is not exciting enough for player, with their money scheme and bad service.
  6. hi, for xampp you may need to install mssql driver separately, you can check this post how to install mssql on xampp
  7. Dear all, Sorry for not replying any comment and private message, I'm lil bit busy working on IRL, and i have to uninstall rf emulator on my pc because it conflict with my utility work apps as web developer, so i've decided to not working on this project for unknown times, if you have any error please read every comment on this threat it may help on your installation error. here are some point that can cause the script db errors: Database cannot connect issues, please make sure that mssql driver on your "appserv/php5/php.ini" is enabled, sometime it located on your C:/ drive and sometime it located on your appserv installation folder, you need to check it by your self. You may put wrong config on "rfweb/application/config/database.php". you just have to config username & password that you used on SQL Server if database still showing error, please make sure your SQL Server settings can accept external connection if your database working properly, and success on account register but cannot login in game launcher, it because some emulator may using different login table such as RFTestAccount, tbl_rfaccount, etc. some DB BACKUP also have different structure check rfonlinmyid and rp71gc discussion on page 3. side notes, im using likertuban oneclick setup server on my developing process so my database and table config on this scripts is adjusted to that emulator.
  8. Hi, it look like your mssql database cannot connect via ‘REDZ/armsl’ Try to use “” on database config
  9. hi, i'm not recommended to use this panel on live server, as far as i know many rf emulator using different mssql table, some using RFTestaccount other using tbl_rfaccount. thats why if your emulator using different table it will make the login function error.
  10. hi, is there any error notice in register page ?
  11. fullwar

    [Help] How to fix limit items cart.

    can you specify what limit do you mean? is it the text size? or the Images ?
  12. @rfonlinemyid @rp71gc can you give me your table tbl_rfaccount field structure screenshoot? correct me if im wrong but it looks like every server have different structure on tbl_rfaccount, may be it depend on what database you imported first time. here is mine, also on my server user only available to logged in with tbl_RFTestAccount, thats why im using tbl_RFTestAccount for register and login on member panel.
  13. in my local server user database using tbl_rftestaccount, i will update it to tbl_rfaccount later. thankyou for reporting
  14. yes im using ru default table for the panel, for user i use dbo.tbl_RFTestAccount; class M_account extends CI_Model { public $staff_table = 'dbo.tbl_StaffAccount'; public $user_table = 'dbo.tbl_RFTestAccount'; public $regist_reward = true; public $rewards = array('coin_amount' => 10000, 'premium_service_day' => 7 ); public function __construct() { ... if your server use different table you can change the table string in this file /application/models/M_account.php change $user_table = 'change this is to your user table' ; also dont forget to change /application/config/constants.php // RFO MSSQL TABLE define('RF_USER_TBL', 'dbo.tbl_RFTestAccount'); define('RF_BASE_TBL', 'dbo.tbl_base'); define('RF_ACCOUNT_TRUNK', 'dbo.tbl_AccountTrunk'); define('RF_USERACCOUNT_TBL', 'dbo.tbl_UserAccount'); change dbo.tbl_RFTestAccount to your user table. this constants will be used in login function. sorry for the inconsistency placement of table name, for best practice all table should be place on application/config/constants.php so its easy to reconfig, but im getting error using this constants in php5 query , so in some query i still use manual defined string.
  15. this error maybe triggered by wrong database configuration. try to use same authentication username, password and server name that you use to login to mssql server in rfweb/application/config/database.php. if the problem still persists, your mssql configuration maybe disable external connection so the php file cannot access database server, try to enable remote connection
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