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  1. this maybe cause by unnecessary bit / empty string on your ZoneServer/script .dat files, you can use datcutter.exe to fix it.
  2. Changing the language means youre also change the r3engine config, rf_online.bin and verkey, client and server is config from ph server and it already state on the first post not to change the r3engine unless you know what youre doing. However if you realy need to localize the language you can start edit it your self datatable/en-ph/NDLanguage.edf.
  3. Working well 👍 If you get some errors : check setup_odbc.bat set acc=RF_User_AoP set wld=RF_WORLD_AoP Your DB name must be match with those odbc value, i renamed my 2232 to RF_User_AoP and RF_WORLD_AoP then execute DB Update Also if you used any 2232 emulator before, your database might have been set with credentials, you need to update server/zoneserver/Rf_bin/acc.ini and /Server/AccountLogin/RF_Bin /acc.ini change UID and PWD to your mssql username and password.
  4. is anyone having same problem with me? my internet speed is fine, but only get 14kbps mediafire download. Hope someone can do a favor to re-upload it to google drive or other file sharing.
  5. Hi everyone ! Longtime no share, couple month ago i created python project for showing server status such as login user count, map count etc. For RF online website, since i never release my private server i decided to share this project. in order to use it you need to know how to consume API, you can use HTML, jquery and ajax to consume the API and show it to your website PHP CURL if your website is based on php How to use: Copy server-stats.exe and apps.ini to your Zone Server/SystemSave directory Run server-stats.exe and now you can access the API on ht
  6. First, i dont know how much and what kind of subscription they are paying to the developper. But if you compare it to other official server like playpark, i dont see there is such event that you need highest topup account to win grandprize, especially if the grandprize is nearly imposible to get in game it self. And yet the playpark server still running. Which make me think theyre doing the event simply to grab money as much as they can. Publisher in a way “abusing” loyal and willing to pay player to keep spending. IMHO, if publisher cant pay the official developper anymore ma
  7. how about make some monster drop exp potion ?
  8. it look like your mssql server is refuse connection from the apps. please make sure that web and mssql server running on same machine, check this post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18603696/trouble-connecting-to-sql-server-login-failed-the-login-is-from-an-untrusted-d
  9. 2 days after i create this thread, they doing another server merge i wonder what kind of agreement that publisher make with developer, and if only there is a way to report these bad service publisher to developer.
  10. hi everyone, hope yall doing great and healthy today i want to share my opinion about how publisher in my country ruined rf online games. Since first release on my country, rf online have massive player base, in my opinion rf online have better graphic and unique feature than other mmorpg back in the day, nearly thousand player online everyday and creating massive community, everyone love playing rf online in internet cafe. Year after year rf online player decrease because there are many new games genre that popular in internet cafe such as first person shooter, MOBA and casual game
  11. hi, for xampp you may need to install mssql driver separately, you can check this post how to install mssql on xampp
  12. Dear all, Sorry for not replying any comment and private message, I'm lil bit busy working on IRL, and i have to uninstall rf emulator on my pc because it conflict with my utility work apps as web developer, so i've decided to not working on this project for unknown times, if you have any error please read every comment on this threat it may help on your installation error. here are some point that can cause the script db errors: Database cannot connect issues, please make sure that mssql driver on your "appserv/php5/php.ini" is enabled, sometime it located on your C:/ drive
  13. Hi, it look like your mssql database cannot connect via ‘REDZ/armsl’ Try to use “” on database config
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