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  1. Genocide

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    Thank you very much for the help! I couldn't have fixed my problem without you. I changed the 0x6fda4c, changed 540 to 5. Player moves 10 steps away from Parked MAU and it will disappear. Thank you again
  2. Genocide

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    Thank you very much for the response! It worked, whenever i went far away to my parked MAU it will be towed instantly. However is it possible to also ask for the offset that indicates the distance requirement for the parked MAU be towed away? Thanks!
  3. Genocide

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    Hi RF-Dev community. I am currently having problem with MAU users parking MAU and hiding inside it, healing / PVPing inside a parked MAU is a violation in my server however I want to counter it instead of giving a ban hammer to everyone if possible. So my question is how can I edit the Parked MAU Tow time in the game? because I know there is a certain amount of time that a MAU will be towed if you are far away from it or the MAU just left there. So if I can change that then the issue can be solved. Thank you in advance. my server is 2232
  4. Genocide

    Need Tutorial All Wipe RF

    Here is the one that I'm using 2232 Credits goes to the query owner, just found these @ my files.