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  1. Genocide

    Looking for developer

    look for devbreaker in skype or Hariyandi Setiawan in facebook
  2. Genocide

    [Help] Looking for a RFOnline.bin with bug fixes!

    Try DevCorp . DevCorp Website
  3. Genocide

    Ore Deposit Amount

    Thanks Killerwoody. Maybe the minset 20 is for the weekend multiplier? Hope someone else can shed light to this.
  4. Genocide

    Ore Deposit Amount

    As the topic says I am a bit confused about the ore deposit amount formula. In the NewHolySystem.ini down below is [OreTotalAmount] Set = 1 Minset = 20 SAT_3 = 500 So what I want to do is increase the ore deposit. If I change the "Set = 1" into " 2 " will that double it? I did a bit of research and I found this 1 Set = 1*3(+1/+2/+3)*99(1 stack) = 297 , so does this mean the 100% ore deposit is equal to 297 stack of ores? And what does the MinSet = 20 stands for? The " SAT_3 = 500" im guessing for the saturday extra ore? If so what does the 500 mean? Does it multiply something or? Hope to get some answers thank you very much.
  5. Genocide

    Guard tower bug

    I believe it will be a hard thing to do, maybe try some free zoneserver gameguards out there in the release section. Your best option is really DevCorp if you want something cheap with some free modules included. Some servers try to remove the Pit Boss Scrolls and Teleport and Summon potion to fix this but that doesn't actually help since if the players know how to use cheat engine they can do this bug without ease or use of the items mentioned above. Goodluck!
  6. Genocide

    [Help] Chip Damage Visual Bug or?

    What you see is OVER DAMAGE. I remember the bin can only show damage around 65,555 in numbers ( not sure if exactly ) but if you go over 65k that numbers will reset going back to 1 so thats why you are only seeing 1k. So lets say you damage the chip around 80k per normal hit, you will only see 15k since you already went over the 65k cap of visual damage but rest assured the 80k damage will still reflect the target in full amount.
  7. Genocide

    [HELP] Chip War LOG CB and CB Killer

    Go to your server folder ZoneServer\ZoneServerLog\ServiceLog Then scroll down and look for servername_HolyInfo txt file. Open it and below you will see each chip war information and at the very bottom is the chip breaker name. If your server name is Nitrogen then you will see Nitrogen_HolyInfo.txt
  8. Genocide


    LinkedResult.strs [filemask="LinkedResult.dat"] struct LinkedResultFile { u32 nBlocks; u32 nColumns; u32 nSize; child LinkedResultBlock [count=nBlocks]; } struct LinkedResultBlock [preload=1] { u32 nCount; cstr [len=64] ItemNumber; cstr [len=64] Item1; cstr [len=64] Item2; cstr [len=64] Item3; cstr [len=64] Item4; cstr [len=64] Item5; cstr [len=64] Item6; cstr [len=64] Item7; cstr [len=64] Item8; cstr [len=64] Item9; cstr [len=64] Item10; cstr [len=64] Item11; cstr [len=64] Item12; cstr [len=64] Item13; cstr [len=64] Item14; cstr [len=64] Item15; cstr [len=64] Item16; cstr [len=64] Item17; cstr [len=64] Item18; cstr [len=64] Item19; cstr [len=64] Item20; cstr [len=64] Item21; cstr [len=64] Item22; cstr [len=64] Item23; cstr [len=64] Item24; cstr [len=64] Item25; cstr [len=64] Item26; cstr [len=64] Item27; cstr [len=64] Item28; cstr [len=64] Item29; cstr [len=64] Item30; cstr [len=64] Item31; cstr [len=64] Item32; cstr [len=64] Item33; cstr [len=64] Item34; cstr [len=64] Item35; cstr [len=64] Item36; cstr [len=64] Item37; cstr [len=64] Item38; cstr [len=64] Item39; cstr [len=64] Item40; cstr [len=64] Item41; cstr [len=64] Item42; cstr [len=64] Item43; cstr [len=64] Item44; cstr [len=64] Item45; cstr [len=64] Item46; cstr [len=64] Item47; cstr [len=64] Item48; cstr [len=64] Item49; cstr [len=64] Item50; cstr [len=64] Item51; cstr [len=64] Item52; cstr [len=64] Item53; cstr [len=64] Item54; cstr [len=64] Item55; cstr [len=64] Item56; cstr [len=64] Item57; cstr [len=64] Item58; cstr [len=64] Item59; cstr [len=64] Item60; cstr [len=64] Item61; cstr [len=64] Item62; cstr [len=64] Item63; cstr [len=64] Item64; cstr [len=64] Item65; cstr [len=64] Item66; cstr [len=64] Item67; cstr [len=64] Item68; cstr [len=64] Item69; cstr [len=64] Item70; cstr [len=64] Item71; cstr [len=64] Item72; cstr [len=64] Item73; cstr [len=64] Item74; cstr [len=64] Item75; cstr [len=64] Item76; cstr [len=64] Item77; cstr [len=64] Item78; cstr [len=64] Item79; cstr [len=64] Item80; cstr [len=64] Item81; cstr [len=64] Item82; cstr [len=64] Item83; cstr [len=64] Item84; cstr [len=64] Item85; cstr [len=64] Item86; cstr [len=64] Item87; cstr [len=64] Item88; cstr [len=64] Item89; cstr [len=64] Item90; cstr [len=64] Item91; cstr [len=64] Item92; cstr [len=64] Item93; cstr [len=64] Item94; cstr [len=64] Item95; cstr [len=64] Item96; cstr [len=64] Item97; cstr [len=64] Item98; cstr [len=64] Item99; cstr [len=64] Item100; } Credits to whoever made it.
  9. Genocide

    NPC Buffer Setup Guide ( Dev Corp )

    Great tutorial. This will help people who got DevCorp from me about buffer NPC and to actually learn how to do it on their own lol . Keep it up!
  10. Genocide

    Recommended RF Version, GameCP, and GameGuards

    2232 is the most stable for me. Also if you will get a gamecp i suggest go seek roslaw or devbreaker or go directly to RZR . For the gameguard I'd go with DevCorp.
  11. Genocide

    Match chip model effect

    Go to your Chef folder. Open Monster.ini add 140, 141, 142 then add the effects of the monster in there. Here is a sample https://imgur.com/5mM1SuD save then try it out. Make sure you also done the character.edf part to change the monster codes . See if it works.
  12. Genocide

    Buff GM NPC

    That is possible with devcorp.
  13. Genocide

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    Thank you very much for the help! I couldn't have fixed my problem without you. I changed the 0x6fda4c, changed 540 to 5. Player moves 10 steps away from Parked MAU and it will disappear. Thank you again
  14. Genocide

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    Thank you very much for the response! It worked, whenever i went far away to my parked MAU it will be towed instantly. However is it possible to also ask for the offset that indicates the distance requirement for the parked MAU be towed away? Thanks!
  15. Genocide

    Parked MAU Tow TIme

    Hi RF-Dev community. I am currently having problem with MAU users parking MAU and hiding inside it, healing / PVPing inside a parked MAU is a violation in my server however I want to counter it instead of giving a ban hammer to everyone if possible. So my question is how can I edit the Parked MAU Tow time in the game? because I know there is a certain amount of time that a MAU will be towed if you are far away from it or the MAU just left there. So if I can change that then the issue can be solved. Thank you in advance. my server is 2232
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