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    [223, 2232] RF Online Patch Maker + Source

    Just calm down, dude.☺️ You no need use hard words to to impress people who are reading, or to hurt me. For sure I tryed use that tool. To be more specific, I`m trying that about more than 1 week. πŸ˜” At my PC I have three diferent toold to make auto-update, but I got no sucess using anyone. I got diferent problems with tools. First one is when I try use my files I receive a message from my launcher: "Manipulated files found. Please restart". Other error is when I make that process ""Press buttons 'Refresh' and 'Start'""" the files is not created, like go to no one place. This all is new to me, and for sure I`m trying. I've tried so many times that I'm looking to pay for help. Well, if you are willing to do my self-update for me, I can pay you for it (I think I can pay you, I don't know the price). Or, we can keep trying. I would love to learn. Thank`s alot for your time and explanation. Have a wonderful week! See you soon. ✌️😊
  2. Beatles

    [223, 2232] RF Online Patch Maker + Source

    Hello all. I tryed alot folow that guide, but I got no sucess. Have some other method to make auto-update? Thank`s alot.
  3. Hi all. I`m trying make daily quest by myself, but is that so confuse to me. My server actual have auto-update for some features, so if you will make this job to mee I need that at my auto update, right? Well, all I need is put 5 daily quests at my server. This quests is baseds on kill monsters or catch itens on the ground (drop) and receibe a prize at finish. If someone here cxan do this job, please contact me via personal message here at forum,. @Admin: If this post is out of rules you can delete. I`m not here to make any no good. Thank`s alot. See u all.
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