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  1. learlove

    Mau AoE

    Thanks to you, I learned something new. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hi guys The PVP point is the question. I want to change the amount of points I can acquire at PVP. I want to change it like this. 1 Kill earned 200 points. 1 Death Points Lose -10 Can not change in the usual way? Is it absolutely necessary to re-encode the source code? I want to know information about it. I am sorry that English is poor. This article is written in Google Translator.
  3. learlove

    Client critical error when routing items

    It was an EN-GB file error. Replace with another and the problem is resolved.
  4. As with the title, if you rooting an item while playing a game, the client will terminate with an error. I installed playRF on the client and changed the launcher. I copied the ko-kr file to the en-gb folder. I do not know if I did something wrong. Please let me know if you know how to fix it.
  5. learlove

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    I solved the problem. After attempting to update only the patchinfo.z file, I checked the checksum in FileData.z and updated the patchinfo file. The tmp file should not exist in the update folder. FileData.z will be created. But no one let me know it.
  6. learlove

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Yes, I followed the video tutorial and followed the same process. Cache file deletion, and filedata.z deletion.
  7. learlove

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    수정 됐습니다. The maximum number has been corrected to be correct. However, the same error occurs.
  8. learlove

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Hi guys I am using web server using appserv2.5.9 version. If you do not have a patch file, the launcher works fine, However, if you insert the patch file, the patch will fail and the launcher will terminate. Create a tmp file using RF_Update , I created an info file with the RFPatchinfo.z generator and ran it. update.dll patchinfo.txt www\Download www\Download\DataTable This error occurs and the launcher ends. Using these changes will work normally. Can you check if I'm doing something wrong? I do not have any professional knowledge. I just follow the report and increase my proficiency. It's written in a Google translation. Sorry not good at English.
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