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  1. Max Level: 50 EXP Rate: x100 Animus EXP Rate: x500 PT = GM Skills = GM Force = GM Max Upgrade +5 Guild Leader Armors Modified Modified Lvl50 Leon Launcher Modified Lvl50 Jetpacks with 20% HP increase Weapon Heiarchy (Intense > Type C > Leon Weapon > Relic) Balanced PvP Mechanics Disabled Clairvoyance Charm Disabled Runes Disabled Stealth Potion & Stealth Cape Disabled Movement Speed Potion Disabled Mail Disabled Auction House Disabled Battle Dungeons Disabled Chaos Potions Disabled BM/OC Disabled Ether Website: http://rfdawn.net/# GameCP: http://rfdawn.net/CP/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RFDawn Twitter: https://twitter.com/RfDawn Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xRmkw3j
  2. How do I reward players through in-game mail? Like sending all online players an item as a reward or as an event?
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