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  1. 4rogman

    RF Account Manager

    Thanks i no longer get the error now my problem is finding the account i made to test since the list is empty for some reason also i tried adding new account i get error email does not belong to table 1 and if i leave it blank it just gives an error to fill in the field solved by turning the page and reading the thread abit thanks and im sorry for my dumb question
  2. 4rogman

    RF Account Manager

    im am not that experience for said method but if you are saying sql string is this what you mean? Yes im on localhost also what is this firewall of what you speak of. This is also the connection_string.ini contents i have no idea what to change here to be honest also pressing ok on that old error message a couple of times opens the program and then i check server config and this is what i get
  3. 4rogman

    RF Account Manager

    Hi if i may ask what is wrong with my localhost I have this issue when using any help on this
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