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  1. Wayne

    Quest Development

    of course I did, I am not that lame
  2. Wayne

    Quest Development

    maybe if I'd share with you something, I'll be able to get some attention In attachement to this post you'll be able to find good structures for GU ( client quest.dat. see yourself why I think they are good, and don't forget to help me with any kind of information on the topic's issue above qn_.strs P.S. That is not final version of structures, and there will be updates... I just don't know when))
  3. Wayne

    RF Online versions

    2.1.5 - 55 lvl cap, best classic version 2.1.6 - 55 lvl cap, new map - Hidden Elven Lands added and relic/leon/unique weapon/armor update available. Also, as I know - added DarkHoles 53+ (not 100% sure) and 55 crimson weapon, etc... 2.2.3 - 65 lvl cap, mau can't blow up anymore, and 5k HP pots available to purchase in HQ. New action point systems: pvp, hunt, and golden age event with special NPC selling Gold Boxes for Gold (money, not points) (worked only if you turn it on, event like) - 66 lvl cap, new map added - MedicalLab 2, new mobs in Exile Land (64,70), and exact copy of MedicalLab mobs +10 lvl updated. Golden Age Event on long term basis, new action points - gold points and capsules, therefore hunt points got bugged.
  4. Wayne

    Quest Development

    Hi everyone. So I've been working on quest development, but not the regular issues, like how to create new quests, add them into NPC and etc. There is a interesting set of server scripts such as QuestGainItemEvent, QuestKillOtherRaceEvent and QuestDummyEvent. The main question is - what do they do? I mean, I tried to change some values there, but did not work in any ways (at least I didn't see anything, and server didn't crash or show any kind of problems). Quest to kill other race players didn't work either (you know, the one with kill 10/10 other race players) Have anyone tried to solve this issues and find clues to what they do and how? P.S. My server version is, and I've heard that in 1.5a/4.5(Age of Patron) quests to kill other race are working. But that is just a rumor, not confirmed
  5. Wayne

    Crag Mine See Distance

    можешь на великом могучем писать ес че) спасибо. Было бы неплохо если б сказал в какую сторону крутить вот эти значения, но и так сойдет) thx
  6. Wayne

    Crag Mine See Distance

    Hi everyone, I'd like to return to this problem and ask if someone has at least some solution on this topic... Particularly, I'd like to discuss linked problem - phantoms, when you running through map and see other players that aren't actually in that exact location
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