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  1. Can anyone teach me how to add Items / Dalant,CP,Desina and Gold to an specific account? please help.. much appreciated.. thanks
  2. LordGrim

    How to Delete User Account in SQL? Help Please

    Okay sir i'll keep that in mind and Thank you..
  3. How to Delete User Account in SQL? Help Please..
  4. Can anyone give me a guide on how to remove/add items on npc and add/remove npc thank you..
  5. LordGrim

    Edit Level CAP Please HELP

  6. LordGrim

    How to Remove Notice in System Chat

    Hello how can i remove this notice everytime i hit/killed Mobs?.. please help im new here just started yesterday thank you in advance its says : Notice: 69 Old Exp. : 2564417450.790379 After Exp. : 18352322.0000000 Cur Exp. : 25827697727.790379 it's also the same for client. Sorry i cant upload pictures.. and also give me link that i can upload pictures hehehe sorry just a newbie hehe
  7. LordGrim

    Edit Level CAP Please HELP

    Hi guys, i just started yesterday I'm done with the starter guide.. i was hoping that someone can help me how to edit level cap for I'm planning for level 45 and level 50 if possible.. hope you can help me guys.. I'm just new here.. TIA
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