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  1. Ming

    Item Combine guide.

    Good day RF- Dev. I just want to ask if there is a good guide for editing craft items. Specifically Item Combine guide. Thank you in advance.
  2. Ming

    Change items Slots

    [HELP] How can i edit Items slots? I want to put items in NPC with only +0/6 Slots. And on the other npc +4/4 Slots.
  3. I DIRECTLY CHANGE THE MONSTER CODE OF RESPAWN IN NADIR PLAIN (settem12.dat, settem13.dat, settem14.dat, settem15.dat, settem16.dat, settem17.dat) AND WHEN I RUN THE ZONE THIS IS WHAT IS SAYS. WHAT OTHER FILES DO I NEED TO EDIT TO SUCCESSFULLY CHANGE THE MOBS IN NADIR (bulky lunker, infernal grumble) to Another mobs ?? HELP FIX PLEASE. Thank you in advance
  4. Ming

    [FREE] RF Launcher Emulator Host

    how to activate like this?
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