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  1. AlukarD


    Describe what you want to know. I can lay out a guide for you tomorrow.
  2. AlukarD


    I'll be home. I can paint you.
  3. AlukarD


  4. AlukarD

    Match chip model effect

    See the monster sequence number in monster. Ini. Replace the old chip effect with a new Leonovas.
  5. AlukarD


    Describe your question more precisely, I will try to give you the correct answer.
  6. AlukarD

    [v] - RF-RED-

    Specify the author of this assembly and from where you downloaded it or rather the post on rfch
  7. AlukarD

    [2.2.3]RF New Year

    Specify the author of this assembly and from where you downloaded it or rather the post on rfch.
  8. AlukarD

    [Release] MAU castom

    In general, I post the MAU which I have been doing for a long time. Maybe someone will use it. link
  9. AlukarD

    Name of map ..

  10. AlukarD

    Custom Launcher + Make Golden Mystery Client 2232

    can I put the source code?
  11. AlukarD

    Your opinion

    Updated and uploaded a video
  12. AlukarD

    Your opinion

  13. AlukarD

    Your opinion

    I do not understand where the transgender people are? I asked a specific question. And in fact received a not understandable message. Not for long . + -day 1 set
  14. AlukarD

    Your opinion

    Sorry for my english . I use a translator . I would like to know the opinion of not Russian kamyuniti in RF Online . I will try to upload my private works here, which will not go to the ball. They are made only for private. Updated and uploaded a video
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