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  1. AlukarD

    Problem with ServerConfig.dat during update

    ; External IP address GateIP = - your ip D:\Server2232\ZoneServer\WorldInfo - WorldInfo.ini This is if I understood your question correctly.
  2. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    So . I opened the model and looked at how the points for the attack on the weapon weigh. I realized that I need to attach a point for the effect to the weapon. Who will have such a mistake you need to do the same. And so it looked like this! I also transferred all the objects that were not attached to the weapon! Here are the corrected files! PAC32.rar Thank you all for your attention!The topic will be closed. Problem solved!
  3. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    I will try to put everything in the screenshots. And on Skype I asked to unsubscribe so that it was easier for me to send and receive files.
  4. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    Write me in Skype - malush10. And send your file. As soon as I arrive as a lady, I will correct this for you.
  5. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    I can go home and fix it for you if it is not urgent for you.
  6. AlukarD

    Looking for Developer

    What do you mean? Do you need any models or server administration?
  7. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    You probably indicated the wrong effect for the weapon. It looks like a monster attack from a volcano. Or you may have a point of attack effect shifted!
  8. AlukarD

    Looking for Developer

    What exactly are you interested in?
  9. AlukarD

    Server Partnership

  10. AlukarD

    Server Partnership

    I can listen to your application. Write on Skype malush10
  11. AlukarD

    [HELP] Chip Not in Center position

    You just need to change the point of the chip itself. In 3d max.
  12. AlukarD

    New Armor and Weapon Creation Service

    @Lizzy your´╗┐ thread does not adhere to our Community ´╗┐Guidelines. More specifically, you did not follow the required post format for posting software and services for sale. You may find our guidelines´╗┐ here: https://rf-dev.net/guidelines
  13. AlukarD

    3rd job unlock offsets

    For server - Zone
  14. AlukarD

    3rd job unlock offsets

    open the Hex editor, press ctrl + f and insert the off set there and change the necessary numbers.
  15. AlukarD

    Setup a Level Required 1-55

    See it. Where the level of weapons or armor. There 2 columns 1 are equal 0 the second already goes level. Put the value in the first column 1 and in the second 55 and get your armor or weapons with a limit of 1-55.
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