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  1. AlukarD

    Autoloot item like ether Loot

    You must have a module in autolut protection. There is no autolut in rf.
  2. AlukarD

    [Help] Capsules pvp

    No one has not deleted your comment. The topic that was created in the wrong section has been deleted. And this one was renamed.
  3. AlukarD

    NPC Quest

    Write to me in the discord. I will solve your problem.
  4. AlukarD

    How can I open 2 zone servers on the same machine?

    Write a request to the database for transfer from 1 base to another.
  5. AlukarD

    [Help] Capsules pvp

    What is your defense? Pvp capsules can be made using the module in your protection. Rather, all the potion effect. Ini
  6. AlukarD


    There is a lot of valuable information about rf online servers on the forum. Use the search or go to the guides section.
  7. Write me in PM, I will try to solve your mistake. Then lay out the solution to the error.
  8. AlukarD

    Edit ItemLooting.dat with Ms. Excel

    Write me in PM I will help you with this. Discord.
  9. AlukarD

    [HELP] Removing Blue Mau

    Just change pt for them. Also raise those level to level 100 and turn them off in the use column
  10. AlukarD

    Skill's problem bug?

    Perhaps you have a mistake in general. Tbl. Try perezalit base of the world. And check. If the error does not leave, write here. I will give you a new base of the world.
  11. Write me in Skype. I will try to solve your problem. And then lay out because of what was a mistake.
  12. Email me on Skype. I can help you through TV. Then I will describe the solution to the problem.

    1. Cobalt


      Thanks! I added you

  13. AlukarD

    Problem with ServerConfig.dat during update

    ; External IP address GateIP = - your ip D:\Server2232\ZoneServer\WorldInfo - WorldInfo.ini This is if I understood your question correctly.
  14. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    So . I opened the model and looked at how the points for the attack on the weapon weigh. I realized that I need to attach a point for the effect to the weapon. Who will have such a mistake you need to do the same. And so it looked like this! I also transferred all the objects that were not attached to the weapon! Here are the corrected files! PAC32.rar Thank you all for your attention!The topic will be closed. Problem solved!
  15. AlukarD

    attack effect problem

    I will try to put everything in the screenshots. And on Skype I asked to unsubscribe so that it was easier for me to send and receive files.
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