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  1. hallo just want to update that i already solved this issue. using parser by TriRozkha solved my problem. thanks again everyone.
  2. Hello. i want to add new item for adding money(currency in game), i already create new item with item type potion just like Gold Capsule. on the server side, i create on potionitem and potionitemeffect and i already try it and success. but on the client side i already add new item with 010 editor, my method create new line of item is copy paste from the block of gold potion and then i edit the potionblock+1 of the item.dat (client side) for my new item potion. and then i try to add my money capsule to the shop but it didnt show in the NPC. and then i try to check another existing item (not my
  3. anyone got error with cash related: DB error? when i try to open the cash shop i got this error. i already try run aopbiliing script form DB folder and still got this error. then i try to create new DB with name RF_BILLING and restore it with fresh bak and then change the config to the RF_BILLING and still got this error. anyone got this error? or something wrong with my config or DB? please help thanks this is the image https://ibb.co/DgRzDps
  4. hallo, could you give me some clue about how to fixing that missing npc? thanks before and also can anyone give me some clue about my cash shop? i already run script aopbilling but it said cash related : DB ERROR. i try to use the cash shop from 2232 but my zone was crash. i think it related with my DB right? should i restore with fresh DB for billing? hmmm https://ibb.co/DgRzDps
  5. hello bro. thanks for the reply. i appreaciate it. sorry for the late reply tho, i got really bussy with my real life issues so i can't really put my time in this issues. but yes, what i really want is when the account has premium service. it give certain item such as booster or wind knife. can you re-upload the file please? becuase the file can not be downloaded. sorry for the trouble.
  6. on the page 1, u can find the repository link of this project. idk if it's that u mean or not btw.
  7. Ignatius07

    RF GameCP V2

    hello, i can open and login with normal account, then i try to change my normal account to the super_admin in config.ini but it always give the error "you do not have the necessary permission log into this account. this has been logged." this is the error this is the config.php what should i check? please help guys. thanks before
  8. Hi guys. can you guys give me some clue about PC Cafe Premium item ? what i want is when id has premium service, it give certaim item. like booster and injure. and for some level it can give armor that suit his/her last job. i already search but it stuck or if you guys find something like this. can you help me post that Topic? sorry i didn't mean being lazy but i really stuck here. thanks before guys. i really appreciate it.
  9. sorry for not update my issue here. and thanks for the reply of course i appreciate it. my issue has solved btw. thanks hehehe
  10. hellooo guys. i already download the patch dan extract it in my server(script in my zoneserver - CMIIW) and i just copy paste for the client folder. CSPtool which is rfmanagetool can read the patron item when i try to input , let's say i input iwspb70 csptool can read it but when i login into the game i can't find the item on my bag. i also try with the armor but it has the same problem. anyone have same issue? can you guys give me a clue how to fix this? sorry for my english tho. i try input another item (no patron) to the game, it show in the bag. so my tool for input was not the
  11. haii have you already give up on this problem? if not you can see here. for me it works like charm. http://forum.ragezone.com/f972/stuck-waiting-server-response-984749/
  12. how can i attach some picture in here? sorry
  13. Hii huys. i am new here. i already try to search my problem anywhere but i didn't found it, idk if my key is wrong or not. so i try to post it in here. sorry if this problem has already posted in here or somewhere else. if it already posted on somewhere else just share link here. ok let's discuss the problem my problem here is when i change my lvl with csp_tools to level max ex:65 or 66. Max PT didn't reach 99 or GM. any clue for fix this issue? here my attachment for the example. my lvl is 41.
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