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  1. Hi, Does this supports 2 or more serverlist?
  2. Hi... how do you guys solved the error in item.edf?
  3. I also encountered runtime error same with LewS. Any fix for that?
  4. Scyther

    Upgrade Rate

    Hi Good day! I would like to ask how to compute for upgrade successrate for items using gems?. For example: t3 = +1-5 = 100%, +6 = 50% t4 = +1-4 = 100%, +5-6 = 50% t5 = +1-5 = 100%, +6 = 50% Anyone can help me please. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I would just like to ask if how to fix this error?. CMainThread::GameDatabaseINIT() CUnmannedTraderController::Instance->Load() Fail!
  6. Hi All, I would just like to know how do I remove quest item rewards?
  7. Scyther

    RF GameCP V2

    Hi, sorry im new to this, i would like to ask help since i got stucked up on "Couldnt connect to the GameCP database server" I have tried many method mention like changing the host to "localhost", "", "localhost\SQLServer", "\SQLExpress", "localhost\SQLServer, 1433", "\SQLExpress, 1433", and it seem not working even changing host to PC name. One mentioned about user mapping but I havent done it cuz I dont know how to check for it or done it, please guide me regarding user mapping. And also if theres any step or something I havent done please tell me. Hoping for yo
  8. Scyther

    Help on setup

    Ok thanks a lot guys, it really helps i just need to know now is if the ports to open are 80,8080,10007,10001,27780? Or if theres ports that i can ommit from the above mentioned.
  9. Scyther

    Help on setup

    Hi guys thanks for the help, i do have last series of questions hope you hear me out. So basically what i need to open port is 80, 8080, 10007, 10001, 27780? or theres no need to open the others?, for firewall port is it on inbound or outbound?. For web emulator i used the web emulator release not the appserv so if i need a registration script do i need to buy another webhost or is it ok to install a appserv and put it there?, If i do go get a webhost for reg script i need to get the one with php5 version right? And open port for sql? Thank you again in advance.
  10. Scyther

    RF GameCP V2

    Thanks for the reply, I do have a little confusion. My sql setup i use default instance. Can i add SQLEXPRESS on host even tho im using default instance?, also on account and user db on config i write the same info with gamecp db but no error occured Thanks in advance
  11. Scyther

    RF GameCP V2

    Hi, sorry again for inconvenience, I already tried but still no luck,
  12. Scyther

    Help on setup

    Thanks for the reply. I understand the situation for the client side protection, and Im now using one GG provided on release section(thanks for the info). As for the port, do i need to open all the used ports(80,8080,10001 etc)? or just the login and sql port?.. Thanks again for the help.
  13. Scyther

    RF GameCP V2

    I did put on host same with other config, and for port, i did turn off my firewall but Ill try again when im home, ill just reply to this thread with screenshot if still not working thank you.
  14. Scyther

    RF GameCP V2

    Hi, i have a little concern, when i input host user and pass on config for gamecpDB i got "couldnt connect to rf gamecp server", but if ill leave it blank it runs. What could be the possible cause?. Thank you in advance.
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