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  1. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    @Maree Only one schedule exist: "schedule.dat" Guild Battle belong to SQL DB
  2. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    @Maree HolyStoneKeepperQuest.dat on serverside - first 3 blocks (maybe wrong code - iyhsc01) Quest.edf on clientside in main quest section - blocks from 2598 to 2600 (maybe wrong code - 0xC7120201)
  3. Clue For create Dialy Quest

    Daily quest may be auto change everyday by a module DLL. Catch the function and write an algorithm.
  4. Animus Rest Bug

    Character.edf has incoorect HP values! Check it!
  5. Party Exp Offset

    of course IDA & Hexrays
  6. Party Exp Offset

  7. Party Exp Offset

    0x000000014096B228 = s_fExpDivUnderParty_Kill has float[8] values 1.0, 1.1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5 for party members count multiplier. in Zoneserver (GU) offset is: 1) 0x009a428 2) 0x009a42c 3) 0x009a430 4) 0x009a434 5) 0x009a438 6) 0x009a43c 7) 0x009a440 8) 0x009a444
  8. All Users Premium Service

    USE [BILLING] GO SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF GO ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[RF_CheckAccountStatus] @id varchar(20), @p2 int output AS declare @end_time datetime declare @cur_time datetime declare @billtype int declare @EventTime date SELECT @end_time = EndDate FROM tbl_personal_billing WHERE ID = CONVERT(BINARY, @id) Select @cur_time = GETDATE() select @billtype= Billingtype from tbl_personal_billing WHERE ID = CONVERT(BINARY, @id) select @EventTime='2018-04-20' if cast(@cur_time as date) <= @EventTime begin set @p2 = 2 return end else if @billtype = 1 begin set @p2 = 1 return end else if @end_time <= @cur_time begin set @p2 = 0 update tbl_personal_billing set BillingType = 1 WHERE ID = CONVERT(BINARY, @id) return end else begin set @p2 = 2 return end
  9. All Users Premium Service

    You just need to modify sql procedure to return always TRUE.
  10. Map STRS [ CLIENT ]

  11. [STRS] Client Map (GU)

    Hi there! Today i will share my own strs for client Map.edf Golden Age. If you notice inaccuracies - PM me All credits to Me & [scaR] MAP.DAT-GU.strs
  12. Auto Target

    Default ingame feture
  13. (SOLVED) Item Icon Index Expanding

    Here the adress of "LoadSprite" proc. in RU BIN = 006E73D0. Answer is near!
  14. (SOLVED) Item Icon Index Expanding

    bootyitem has the 1024 maxcount! 32x32
  15. 2232 Guard HolyModule Function

    Try CHolyStoneSystem::SendMsg_EnterKeeper or CHolyStoneSystem::CreateHolyKeeper from CHolyStoneSystem::On_HS_SCENE_KEEPER_ATTACKABLE_TIME