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  1. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    Skype config
  2. Insert Item Manual

    Item number like - 8287 (iwazk40) Item group - 06 (weapon) Slot in bag - 00 (first) Convert into HEX like this: 8287 = 205F 06 = 06 00 = 00 compose: 0x205F0600 And finaly convert to DEC 0x205F0600 = 543098368 So, to use tbl_ItemCharge U don't need to need to think about the slot in the bag, otherwise if it is inventory then there may be errors! GL!
  3. Party Gap

    CPartyPlayer::IsJoinPartyLevel where level cap = Leader Charm + 10
  4. About AoE Mau

    HP is UnitFrame =D
  5. Offset multi windows for RF "Age of Patron" Version

    @mbahkung 0x36D897
  6. Issues HP Limit

    Same on RZ
  7. NameTag _str Files

    cstr[len=64] Kor; cstr[len=64] Bra; cstr[len=64] Chn; cstr[len=64] Gbn; cstr[len=64] Ind; cstr[len=64] Jpn; cstr[len=64] Phi; cstr[len=64] Rus; cstr[len=64] tpe; cstr[len=64] spa; cstr[len=64] tha;
  8. PHP Script - Massive Cash Coin Adder

    @Nuna Sometimes we need to change standard table names for prevent hacks on mssql server. So please just add "tbl_UserStatus" to SQLSRV Settings strings like $tblnm = 'tbl_UserStatus'; // tbl_CashInfoGame and you forgot about "dbo." at line 21, 24 in php script
  9. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    @Maree Only one schedule exist: "schedule.dat" Guild Battle belong to SQL DB
  10. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    @Maree HolyStoneKeepperQuest.dat on serverside - first 3 blocks (maybe wrong code - iyhsc01) Quest.edf on clientside in main quest section - blocks from 2598 to 2600 (maybe wrong code - 0xC7120201)
  11. Clue For create Dialy Quest

    Daily quest may be auto change everyday by a module DLL. Catch the function and write an algorithm.
  12. Animus Rest Bug

    Character.edf has incoorect HP values! Check it!
  13. Party Exp Offset

    of course IDA & Hexrays
  14. Party Exp Offset

  15. Party Exp Offset

    0x000000014096B228 = s_fExpDivUnderParty_Kill has float[8] values 1.0, 1.1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5 for party members count multiplier. in Zoneserver (GU) offset is: 1) 0x009a428 2) 0x009a42c 3) 0x009a430 4) 0x009a434 5) 0x009a438 6) 0x009a43c 7) 0x009a440 8) 0x009a444