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  1. Crag Mine See Distance

    In Rfonline.bin, float value!
  2. Crag Mine See Distance

    Search float value "33.333332" and edit it! Or edit "VisualFieldAdjustmentLevel" in "GameSetting.ini" for overall effect.
  3. Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    Skype config
  4. Insert Item Manual

    Item number like - 8287 (iwazk40) Item group - 06 (weapon) Slot in bag - 00 (first) Convert into HEX like this: 8287 = 205F 06 = 06 00 = 00 compose: 0x205F0600 And finaly convert to DEC 0x205F0600 = 543098368 So, to use tbl_ItemCharge U don't need to need to think about the slot in the bag, otherwise if it is inventory then there may be errors! GL!
  5. Party Gap

    CPartyPlayer::IsJoinPartyLevel where level cap = Leader Charm + 10
  6. About AoE Mau

    HP is UnitFrame =D
  7. Offset multi windows for RF "Age of Patron" Version

    @mbahkung 0x36D897
  8. Issues HP Limit

    Same on RZ
  9. NameTag _str Files

    cstr[len=64] Kor; cstr[len=64] Bra; cstr[len=64] Chn; cstr[len=64] Gbn; cstr[len=64] Ind; cstr[len=64] Jpn; cstr[len=64] Phi; cstr[len=64] Rus; cstr[len=64] tpe; cstr[len=64] spa; cstr[len=64] tha;
  10. PHP Script - Massive Cash Coin Adder

    @Nuna Sometimes we need to change standard table names for prevent hacks on mssql server. So please just add "tbl_UserStatus" to SQLSRV Settings strings like $tblnm = 'tbl_UserStatus'; // tbl_CashInfoGame and you forgot about "dbo." at line 21, 24 in php script
  11. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    @Maree Only one schedule exist: "schedule.dat" Guild Battle belong to SQL DB
  12. HMS Quantity Need when CW

    @Maree HolyStoneKeepperQuest.dat on serverside - first 3 blocks (maybe wrong code - iyhsc01) Quest.edf on clientside in main quest section - blocks from 2598 to 2600 (maybe wrong code - 0xC7120201)
  13. Clue For create Dialy Quest

    Daily quest may be auto change everyday by a module DLL. Catch the function and write an algorithm.
  14. Animus Rest Bug

    Character.edf has incoorect HP values! Check it!
  15. Party Exp Offset

    of course IDA & Hexrays