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  1. Yzveus

    Chip War Schedule

    tried it and its not working. first i only changed m_nHour to my chip war schedule - failure second i added new row for my new chip war schedule and deleted the old chip war schedule - still a failure
  2. Yzveus

    Chip War Schedule

    good day everyone, just wanna ask if there's another way to set chip war schedule except changing your dedicated server time.
  3. Yzveus

    Need Help -pvpcash

    thanks wolf.
  4. Yzveus

    Need Help -pvpcash

    Hello jdag, looking forward to it. thanks in advance.
  5. Yzveus

    Need Help -pvpcash

    Hello, tried using different db and server files and im still having this kind of problem.
  6. Yzveus

    Need Help -pvpcash

    i have the same problem and im using DevCorp ZoneServer
  7. Yzveus

    Error: Character creation

    after wiping the database using the query posted by PrinceRay on Guide section i started having this kind of problem. i get "Error: Charaction creation" everytime time i use special characters on name like [ and ] but when i make a character name with those [ ] it will be created without problem. thanks in advance
  8. Yzveus

    ZoneServer 2232 Crash

    Solved. Thanks.
  9. Yzveus

    ZoneServer 2232 Crash

    [System] WorldName = RFOnline ServerType = 0 BillingCode = 32 BillOper = 0 FreeServer = 1 HBKPath = C:\RFOnline\Work\HBK HistoryPath = C:\RFOnline\Work\History NationCode = RU ;NationCode = RU (äëÿ ðóñ ëîêàëè) [ServerMode] BuyCashItemByGold = false ;Ñóùåñòâóåò 2øò(Internal è Release) ReleaseType = Internal ExcuteService = false [Rule] CrystalHPMultiple = 1.0 CrystalHPMultiple_1 = 5.0 CrystalHPMultiple_2 = 8.0 CrystalHPMultiple_3 = 11.0 [GUILD CREATE EVENT] Enable = FALSE START_DATE = 20090119 END_DATE = 20090120
  10. Yzveus

    ZoneServer 2232 Crash

    GoodDay Everyone, im having a problem with my zoneserver.exe, after the player end the process of "RF Online.bin" in task manager my zoneserver will crash for no reason.i really need your help. im using RFO_Server_223_GU Server Files and 2232-PlayRF Client Files.
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