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  1. Outlaw

    Cash Shop Item Price Editing

  2. Outlaw

    Cash Shop Item Price Editing

    okay thanks. I already Edit that part then I encounter a new error.. "Cash Related: DB Error Server Side: Client Side: Already Change 105 to 5000.. the new error after this Image
  3. Outlaw

    Cash Shop Item Price Editing

    here's the situation, I already change the price for server and client side for Weapon Slot Extender Normal from 105 to 5000.. but the result still the same 105. A little help from the support group would be nice. Server Side: Client Side: Same Result, the price stays at 105
  4. Outlaw

    Setup RF Web Emulator with AppServ #1

    PatchInfo.z is a dead Link .. can you please reupload it again or update the posted Link.. Thank You
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