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  1. PrinceRay

    RF Loot Editor - All Versions

    nice tools for clone itemloot there's a extra bytes in ur looting files, datcut it first. then u can re-use using this program
  2. PrinceRay

    Help Me to learn Build Rf Online

    Everything u need to make rf online already posted here. Just explore and ask when u got problem.
  3. even u rename group, it still based on item type
  4. PrinceRay

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    you can play in logical check, currently level 1~40 can't delete.
  5. PrinceRay

    RF Loot Percentage Calculator

    Program rebuild to 2147483647 as 100% values.
  6. PrinceRay

    RF Loot Percentage Calculator

    i made my own version for this tools, because the first post may get false detection anti virus ( my kaspersky always delete the application). so made a new one, with more clean interface. You can download here : Loot Calculator.exe
  7. PrinceRay

    Weapon/Armor Upgrade Success Rate

    just changes 1, its only different style of structure
  8. PrinceRay

    Problems editing armors

    see DSR formula here (post 2): and don't forget to edit maxDP of armor (white things on character bar)
  9. PrinceRay

    How add new Quest Daily

    there's already a lot clue about quest daily, and 1 more things "U ARE ASKING SOMEONE FOR HELP, BUT YOUR FONT SIZE IS ANOTHER WAY OF USING CAPSLOCK STOP IT !" u just lazy to search ...
  10. PrinceRay

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    aah, i will fix it
  11. PrinceRay

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    which comment ?
  12. PrinceRay

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    RESERVED FOR UPDATE Queries For Prevent Delete Character By Specific Level See at first post
  13. PrinceRay


    "EXP from attacking monsters, not by attacking monsters" exp from attacking monster, not by attacking monster ?? wrong question or google translate sucks ?
  14. PrinceRay

    Mau Repair multiplier

    changes only server side, did u already restart your server ?
  15. PrinceRay

    RF GameCP V2

    He already solved the error. From what he said, he forget to enable "short_tags" in php.ini, thats why pages not load maybe. Or another syntax which he don't tell to anyone -_-.
  16. PrinceRay

    RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    User trade is logged in History, did u config the history, as far i know devcorp is fine writing to that log. U dont need rzr gcp to read trade log, or if u want easy tools no problem. But i think more fast doing manual search (notepad++) DTrade log and History trade log is different. Full Item trade log is in History folder
  17. PrinceRay

    [Help] Cash shop not working

    don't forget price cash based from Nation of zone, and for most of them using "RU", so edit cash_shop.str RU Nation price field
  18. PrinceRay

    RF Account Manager

    Im not talking about ur paid version man, i just reporting the bugs / giving suggestion for this version. U share the free one but 1 function not work fine, are you not fixing that? Its up to u then hehehe.
  19. PrinceRay

    RF Account Manager

    few test results : your instant function have bugs, when i click UPDATE, type data error show up. "Error converting data type nvarchar to float", you should disable button / disable APPLY ITEM button when there's no item code provided (empty field) or wrong itemcode. instead making list item static, make it dynamic ( put DB Item is good, coz user can add their item code. cash shop database is based from tbl_UserStatus, people nowday using tbl_personal_billing
  20. PrinceRay

    Resource Effect Code

    here u go :
  21. PrinceRay

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    run with command line : RFPointPatcher.exe -on > log.txt ( use cmd )
  22. PrinceRay

    How to fix Chat been deactivated

    ur character.edf is crashed / not match with rf_online.bin
  23. PrinceRay

    OOT From RF, GAME CP Submission

    Create a new table on sql database after he claim it, make a new if statement for checking it. So looks like the logic : 1. If exists (select blavlavla from tbl_claim where serial = xxx), button disabled. 2. If not exist = claim is allowed, and insert into tbl_claim blabla
  24. PrinceRay

    DELETE PVP POINT AND GOLD from RF_Online.bin

    right side is amount of ore, try disable by bypassing value of pvp %d to zero bytes "00 00"
  25. PrinceRay

    RF GameCP V2

    when u not understand, try to search google / youtube. it's the best way. looks like ur problem is : problem in apache extension or php fault, enable debug mode GCP to see what errors. try to get phpversion, with this : or maybe because you put wrong mssql config in .ini php, enable / disable safe connect might cause this. other question is : can u login ?, can u register ?,
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