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    Changing GuardTower Required Materials REBUMP

    ur question already answered, since u still think isnt the right answer, here u go the pict since ur STRS show the value as HEX, u just need to change it, to i32 from : x32 [tag="Item1Index"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item2Index"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item3Index"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item4Index?"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item5Index?"] DWORD; to : i32 [tag="Item1Index"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item2Index"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item3Index"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item4Index?"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item5Index?"] DWORD;
  2. PrinceRay

    Changing GuardTower Required Materials

    you can see here : index, item code, item type
  3. PrinceRay

    Getting Started: Structorian

    for server side, just put cursor on itemcode, and press "CTRL+F", For client put cursor at index based on serverside index.
  4. PrinceRay

    White Mau Parts in Game Files

    CCR just leave it there, for future update. but not used yet. some parts used on 1.5, u can try explore on client 1.5
  5. PrinceRay

    Rf online from 0 to hero

    So you ask people making from 0 just for you, which already posted for long time. You just kinda lazy to read it man?
  6. PrinceRay

    RF EFF Extrabytes remover

    This tools is for Effect Files (EFF) Extrabytes remover, Removes EXTRABYTES after editing some .EFF with DATEDITOR RF Version : I Guess .EFF Structure never changes from OLD Version, so it works for all version Tested on 223, 2232 How To Use : Put Your .EFF Files (Works with Dir & Subdir) to Input Folder, After That Open EFF-Fixer_x86.exe Wait A few seconds, and see Folder Output You'll See Entire Input Folder with no EXTRABYTES It's Done Disclaimer : Try it before post some question If you found a bugs, feel free to report This tools maybe useless, but if u found it usefull thanks for using it DOWNLOAD HERE VIRUS TOTAL
  7. PrinceRay

    MAU Missing effect

    Aura effect only work if u using AOP
  8. PrinceRay

    Hide player name without removing gui's

    Lot stuff to do, require a reverse engineering
  9. I place my bid, for this :D
  10. PrinceRay

    RF Massive Give Tools

    RFMassiveGiveTools updated to version 1.4.2 - Now You Can can send via external IP Server - Add Config (DBRFBilling, DBRFUser, DBRFBillingType) - Enable RewardType Cash Coin Please Click "Check For Update"
  11. PrinceRay

    Limit user 2532

    such a simple post i will try answer with complicated answer ? by default the configuration is at Initialize\WorldSystem.ini [System] LimUserNum = 2532 and changes to 10000, but the zone itself coded with max 2532, so you need to change it too open ZoneServer using IDA Pro, decompile it (export to .c files) search everything with 2532 if not found try convert 2532 to HEX and search it, see the offset, and changes to 10000
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