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  1. PrinceRay

    PHP RPK Extractor

    there's tons of repacker too
  2. PrinceRay

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    why you sad when this project is "open source" do exploration with this stuff
  3. how u change the icon ? just do like that, change the mesh too.
  4. PrinceRay

    Itemloots Problem

    you need check if ur item Exist = 1 or not
  5. PrinceRay

    Build RF

    please read rules before u post like this
  6. PrinceRay

    R3T files

    are you VanCliff Estocado ? you can download here : btw when u release the Vanadium² ?
  7. PrinceRay


    Version 1.0.0


    Tools for unpacking / packing R3T files. (c) Burrfoot
  8. PrinceRay

    RF Auto Update Launcher

    u can follow my tutorial which only using 1 tools
  9. PrinceRay

    Making Auto Update

    Hello There ! So today i want share tutorial how i make a auto update for rf online 223 - 2232 since long time ago, hehe.. since there's already a few tutorial how to make auto update works fine, so i will show how i make the Auto Updates. example tutorial by DeusEx : in my tutorial maybe "more simple" from DeusEx, in my opinion, but it's all up to u again. Tools Required : Update Maker by NiTr0 (TMP Maker) RF Client, RF Launcher Emulator worked fine Video Tutorial (Remake from Tutorial 2013): You can download The Update Maker here : What do you guys think about my step to make auto update with other tutorial ?
  10. PrinceRay

    RF Auto Update Maker

    Version 1.0.0


    Generator for Update Maker (C) 2007 NiTr0
  11. PrinceRay

    NDLanguange.edf help

    use hex editor, change the totalChar to your total Character String +1 [00 Bytes] you want to edit, add some extra bytes to your files ( use INSERT Mode) example : https://heaven-gaming.org/downloads/ExtraBytes.mp4
  12. PrinceRay

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Important : Using This Application will mess your "Gold Points" when buying from NPC. Use at ur own risk ! i'll try to make another tools to fix display hunter point
  13. PrinceRay

    Bypass RF Intro/Prologue Movie

    PlayedNum= 0 rather than = ./
  14. PrinceRay

    [HELP]Template Corfokit version

    install sql server compact