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  1. U cant just change 8298 to 9144. The next line is encrypted information, thats why u got no luck.
  2. PrinceRay

    Icons / Samples

    if you guys need the back of emblem in png here you go : DOWNLOADS LINK Frame size in 512px, the Icon itself 64x64
  3. PrinceRay

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    already do that, yes you can. take the .eff and dds from npc. thanks to my friend amar for helping me
  4. PrinceRay

    Client Sound Optimization

    yes, and size of full client is smaller
  5. PrinceRay

    Useful Queries For RF Online

    yes you can use it, just change maxlevel to 55
  6. PrinceRay

    Help how to edit Damage Monster

    whoa, use polite language when you want to ask for something. you just post like " give an explanation and blablabla" , without maybe try with " hello everyone, can help me / give me tutorial how to edit damage of monster, or anything else ? create thread like this... first time i've seen people asking for help like this *OOT i'm pretty sure there's a lot tutorial has been shared here, including editing damage monster, maybe not thread, but post reply. or search before post maybe ? here's some tutorial i've found on Youtube, maybe its not what u looking for, but the basic its same, use STRS from Release Section
  7. PrinceRay

    [cPanel] CCR Default Launcher Emulator Setup

    you can make it simply to config by adding include config.php and put $LPServerInfo_ver = 1; $LPServerInfo_file_path = 'CServer'; $use_archive_three = true; $LPServerInfo_host[0] = 'exde.us';
  8. PrinceRay

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    Ikr, fish personal ever show me that . But my old facebook has been banned. So i cant show more screen shots for this new tools. But from old it can reworked to 2232 structure like i said before .rft is database type.
  9. PrinceRay

    SweetScape 010 Scripts not working

    This because "file" never declared, check your header template / script. If i remember file is defined, try copy that and re-test.
  10. PrinceRay

    How to edit the maximum capacity cp / disena / dalant and gold

    Manual way : 1. Open zoneserver using hex editor 2. Convert 2000000000 to hex (4bytes) for gold 500000 3. Search all using hex bytes, replace it to your new value (max is 4B) 4. Done, open zone tadaaaaa.. The good way is using ida pro, search all and validate its a true value for gold/money.
  11. Maybe this can help you : https://heaven-gaming.org/downloads/ClientRF.7z (only english data, removed others). u need to replace the pure item.edf for this, coz my mistake i did not put pure.
  12. PrinceRay

    CP Connect to MSSQL

    U sure its for rfaccount table? If yes it should be "SELECT id from rf_user.dbo.tbl_rfaccount where id = CONVERT(binary, 'MaxWatson')
  13. PrinceRay

    Corfokit RF tool 223

    He ever made an tools for 2232, i've seen the program screenshoot. But i dont know, he get the new one or not. But for client builder u can rework the corfokit. Change the structure and etc. Take a look the template
  14. PrinceRay

    MAU development

    Why make 12 keys? Expansion of mounting ? If yes Well played! Happy adding Mesh ID and resource stuff then.
  15. PrinceRay

    MAU development

    u talking about to bring MAU Key for engineer and nomade or what ? if u want to bring it out, just put key to NPC. and put MESH, ANIMATION to that key. simple.
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