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  1. Specs unable to put down towers?

    well i was drunk when replying this thread. the reason can't put anymore traps, maybe because wrong return code for max towers.
  2. Specs unable to put down towers?

    because the player put too many traps, and the traps not hit anyone yet, (try this first) . if the TS had problem with Yorozuya & Wolf173 too, then check the source of GUARDTOWER fix
  3. How to Disable Delete Character

    you can create trigger for tbl_general / tbl_base if im not wrong, then prevent when player try to update DCK
  4. Bug Black Screen

    it seems u got many problem on your server. what wrongs with your config ? black screen ?, try check the log. sometimes its because SQL Query trigger (Auto Cash / Missing DB Field)
  5. Compound Siege

    some packets missing ? what gameguard u use ?
  6. Clue For create Dialy Quest

    check PNC elan, there's 1 NPC Daily Quest
  7. how clear the battle info

    Wipe your database >.<, or explore RF_World database on war table
  8. Change account character.

    move account ? https://www.rf-dev.net/topic/28-useful-queries-for-rf-online/ use search later
  9. RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    Bellato HQ
  10. RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    not figured yet, but i will looking for that. 2232 Extended Camera 2232 Sette (Distance 250 To 2900)
  11. RF online early closed Beta from ~2002

    btw, we can change maximum camera distance on 2232 >.<
  12. RF Store Builder

    try to install VCredist 2010 64bit.
  13. or you can change index on storelist.dat to 666, the NPC won't appear
  14. Put the number of online players online.

    Here you go : <? $FConfig = 'C:\ServerRF\ZoneServer\SystemSave\ServerDisplay.ini'; //Set To Your SystemSave Zone Folder function online_status() { global $FConfig; $file = file($FConfig); foreach ($file as $line) { if (strspn($line, "[") != 1) { parse_str($line); } } $set["all_race"] = $UserNum; $set["acc"] = $A_Num; $set["bells"] = $B_Num; $set["cora"] = $C_Num; return $set; } $onlen = online_status(); echo $onlen['all_race']; // All Race (Include In Lobby) echo $onlen['acc']; // Accretia echo $onlen['bells']; // Bellato echo $onlen['cora']; // Cora ?> don't forget to set your systemsave folder location
  15. ZoneServer Error - Failed to create empty document

    you opened the wrong log. there's another log for suure.