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  1. PrinceRay


    Yeah do what you want to say. Since early there's explanation ☺
  2. PrinceRay


    Sad to know about that, that im liar. Sad to know about a person who tried to tricky someone too. Since early trying to buy stuff, and trying to do some bad thing and threatening person. At first time try to tricky seller by doing refund 🤭, and make people things is seller fault.
  3. PrinceRay


    Thanks for sharing
  4. PrinceRay

    [223, 2232] RF Online Patch Maker + Source

    there's a miss newline in the patchinfo generated the break line should " 0D 0A "(hex) rather than "0D 0D 0A" ("\r\n"), replace to "\n" will solve it hehe btw nc tools
  5. PrinceRay

    STRS From Useful offset For ZoneServer 2232

    Bypass check GM party with player [GU Server] VA Address : HEX:
  6. PrinceRay

    Can't connected to Server

    So ur problem is zoneserver is fail to load, Can you go to zoneserver/rf_bin/ And post here your configuration of "rfacc.ini", because u got problem in there
  7. PrinceRay

    Changing GuardTower Required Materials REBUMP

    ur question already answered, since u still think isnt the right answer, here u go the pict since ur STRS show the value as HEX, u just need to change it, to i32 from : x32 [tag="Item1Index"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item2Index"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item3Index"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item4Index?"] DWORD; x32 [tag="Item5Index?"] DWORD; to : i32 [tag="Item1Index"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item2Index"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item3Index"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item4Index?"] DWORD; i32 [tag="Item5Index?"] DWORD;
  8. PrinceRay

    Changing GuardTower Required Materials

    you can see here : index, item code, item type
  9. PrinceRay

    Getting Started: Structorian

    for server side, just put cursor on itemcode, and press "CTRL+F", For client put cursor at index based on serverside index.
  10. PrinceRay

    White Mau Parts in Game Files

    CCR just leave it there, for future update. but not used yet. some parts used on 1.5, u can try explore on client 1.5
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