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  1. PrinceRay


    what are u talking aobut ?
  2. PrinceRay


    match them using this, sry i only provide client to server
  3. PrinceRay


    Ask odincp to fix that. Its because wrong password.
  4. PrinceRay

    Questions about PVP points acquisition

    if u want increase earn point, goto Initialize/PvpCashPoint.ini [ClassValue] ClassNum = 29 class0 = BWS1 8 class1 = BWS2 10 class2 = BWS3 11 class3 = BRS1 10 class4 = BRS2 9 class5 = BRS3 9 class6 = BFS1 8 class7 = BFS2 10 class8 = BFS3 10 class9 = BSS1 10 class10 = BSS2 6 class11 = CWS1 6 class12 = CWS2 7 class13 = CWS3 10 class14 = CRS1 4 class15 = CRS2 6 class16 = CRS3 6 class17 = CFS1 4 class18 = CFS2 6 class19 = CFS3 10 class20 = CSS1 8 class21 = AWS1 6 class22 = AWS2 7 class23 = AWS3 10 class24 = ARS1 4 class25 = ARS2 6 class26 = ARS3 6 class27 = ASS1 8 class28 = ASS2 8 double the number, then u get double value from killing. go experience on that point
  5. PrinceRay

    A story + age of patron leaks ( chit chat )

    he just want to talk arround (chit chat), with a opening story that he working for official rf online publisher, and get the files and delete all of them.
  6. PrinceRay

    Adding Monster For New Map

    nice tutorial, but there's already a instant tools to add monster spawn right 😚
  7. PrinceRay

    Fixed damage

    ^First zone required license, and its seems like ur license is expired, thats why you getting fixed damage
  8. PrinceRay

    RF Map Tool

    Suggestion, please add map file name while it opened. example lbyrinth.BSP opened, the title changed to "RF Map Tool - lbyrinth.BSP [RF -Dev : https://rf-dev.net]"
  9. PrinceRay

    Double Launcher

    exactly at this point : TITLE ="RF Online Title Sample" and DEFAULT_TITLE ="NO" if you open launcher while open RF Folder with same TITLE, launcher sometimes will not open, because launcher found the same window name if u want same window name, just change to default title = "YES"
  10. PrinceRay

    How to know the correct version of the server?

    2232 zoneserver filesize about 10mb+ 223 lower than 2232.
  11. PrinceRay

    New server RF-LIGHT (19/1/2019 OPEN)

    wrong translate or ?
  12. PrinceRay

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    finally, there's a guide for this one with detailed effect style. i will post my tools for this one later ( to copy current weapon to new weapon effect, with auto particle counter )
  13. PrinceRay

    [TOOL] Server Side to Client Side Code Converter

    its better u allow multiple line, so multiline code converted rather than "coma"
  14. PrinceRay

    Launcher DevGordo [] DONT NEED EMULATOR

    hehe, btw that source alrdy dead
  15. PrinceRay

    Launcher DevGordo [] DONT NEED EMULATOR

    he alrdy said that