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  1. pasha

    Best Zone Protection

    What I learned was that the owner opened a partnership with the game campus and only that he had already bought the license that would still have the support. he would not sell new licenses
  2. pasha

    Best Zone Protection

    Cerberus is no longer for sale
  3. pasha

    Edit board teams

    /******************************************************************* Copyright © 2012 - Heaven Network Website : www.heaven-gaming.org Category : SQL Modules - Changes Council Database Inject : [RF_World] Object: Table [dbo].[tbl_patriarch_candidate] Notice : If Player Are Not In Ranking System, He Can't Promoted ********************************************************************/ USE RF_World DECLARE @eserial int DECLARE @race tinyint DECLARE @lv tinyint DECLARE @rank int DECLARE @pvppnt float DECLARE @aserial int DECLARE @aname varchar(17) DECLARE @gserial int DECLARE @gname varchar(17) DECLARE @class tinyint DECLARE @status tinyint /* [+]Class Information: 0 "Archon"; 1 "Left - Consul"; 2 "Left - Strike Team"; 3 "Left - Deffense Team"; 4 "Left - Support Team"; 5 "Right - Consul"; 7 "Right - Deffense Team"; 6 "Right - Strike Team"; 8 "Right - Support Team"; [+]eSerial Information It's Generated Automatically, It's Take Latest Council Period [+]Status Information 1 - For Assign Him To Next Council Election 2 - To Revoke His Status From Current Council 3 - To Make Him Current Council */ SET @aname = 'PrinceRay' -- Player Nickname which u want grant to Council SET @class = 0 -- See Class Information SET @eserial = (select top 1 eSerial from [RF_World].dbo.tbl_patriarch_candidate order by eSerial desc) SET @race = (select race from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @lv = (select lv from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @rank =(select rank from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @pvppnt =(select PvpPoint from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @aserial =(select serial from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @gserial =(select GuildSerial from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @gname =(select GuildName from tbl_PvpRankToday where [email protected]) SET @status = 3 -- See Status Information Insert into [dbo].[tbl_patriarch_candidate] (eSerial, Race, Lv, Rank, PvpPoint, ASerial, AName, GSerial, GName, ClassType, State, dtUpScore) Values (@eserial, @race, @lv, @rank, @pvppnt, @aserial, @aname, @gserial, @gname, @class, @status, getdate() ) print 'Current Archon Period : ' + CAST(@eserial as varchar) print 'Nickname : ' + @aname print 'Race : ' + CAST(@race as varchar) print 'Level : ' + CAST(@lv as varchar) print 'Ranking : ' + CAST(@rank as varchar) print 'PvP Point : ' + CAST(@pvppnt as varchar) print 'Account : ' + CAST(@aserial as varchar) print 'Guild Name : ' + @gname print 'Guild Serial :' + CAST(@gserial as varchar) print 'Promoted To : ' + CAST(@class as varchar) print 'Status : ' + CAST(@status as varchar) try this
  4. pasha

    Remove Loot Penalty

    Hi, how do I decrease the loot penalty when level playes above the mob kills and drops loot. I wanted to change this to not be too much of a loot penalty. It's a setup at INI but I do not know where ... if anyone can help. sorry, I use google translate
  5. pasha

    Files RF alveim ii pls

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