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  1. kuya42na

    Gold Point command

    thanks for responding i was able to locate these files. what tool do i need to open these files? thanks
  2. kuya42na

    Gold Point command

    is there a GM command to increase gold points. i cant seem to find it. thanks.
  3. kuya42na

    edit account

    Hi Im new here, first I just want to say this is a great group. I have been looking for a way to make RF offline and im lucky to find you guys here. I was able to make the game work thanks to the clear step by step guide. i just need help however in editing my created accounts. i made a GM account but after spawning an item and equipping it my client crashed and whenever i try to login again it auto crashes. i was hoping to just edit the existing account instead of creating a new one. thanks in advance
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