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  1. iamrafiuddin

    error launcher help me please

    Run account server, login server and zoneserver, then type "/open" at login server. Hopefully it can solve the problem https://imgur.com/ch8qnmo
  2. iamrafiuddin

    [HELP] Change Item Description!

    that's problem come from total character/text lenght, as I said before after edit description you should edit total character/text lenght.
  3. iamrafiuddin

    [HELP] Change Item Description!

    edit at NDItem.edf, better use hex editor for edit it, but be careful with total character. after change description don't forget to change total character too, or you can get error.
  4. iamrafiuddin

    Help how to remove empty bytes

    if after using datcutter still get that message, maybe the problem comes from itemlooting.dat, you might enter wrong number/value or code in column that you edited (in my experience). Try checking your edits again. Sorry for my bad english.
  5. iamrafiuddin

    Animus Missing Effect

    animus eff at RF_Online.bin, find correct offset for animus eff then set to your new animus lvl (your maximum animus lvl + 1). Don't forget to edit recall.ini (folder chef) to set limit effect level.
  6. iamrafiuddin

    Help Me Guys Edit Level Max Level RF OFFLINE

    you want to edit max level cap or just set max level? if you just want to set max level (depend on your max level cap at server and client), just search query fox max level and gm pt (tbl_general) but if you want to update lvl cap, you must add new line at server side (4 class mastery limit, Exp.dat and Grade.dat + 4 animus file) and client side (character.edf). Then you must edit pvp point and animus level at zoneserver. Last, edit level, pt and animus eff at rf_online.bin. *for pvp point you should edit pvpcashpoint.ini too. make sure premium and non premium edit well. Change lvlcount and startlvl to your new max lvl sync with zoneserver. Sorry for my bad english.
  7. iamrafiuddin

    Problems editing armors

    Have you edited the armor ability from the server and client side correctly? Both side must be appropriated.
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