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  1. Hello my friends, I hope you are all well. I am creating a project and in this project I have 15 additional maps, I managed to compile all of them and they are 100% working, but I would like help to understand how MAP ZONE works, how I do to add name to the coordinates, how I do to get these coordinates, and especially COLOR (BRG), how do I get it. I am extremely lost, can anyone help? Below are the photos, I use the TriRozhka php editor https://prnt.sc/138p4lmhttps://prnt.sc/138p83ehttps://prnt.sc/138p83e
  2. Let me understand, this tool does the same thing that the other one already did, but this one I don't need PHP?
  3. Hello friend, can you help me get the shine on the shield?

  4. I got it, I'm in the fight trying, but it's very difficult, I'm using a posted editor, but even so, it's hard to know coordinates just on the hunch!
  5. Okay, but can you give me tips on how to fix it?
  6. Hello friends, I am putting new maps for a few days, but they have some maps that I can't fix the minimap, as you can see below, the location of the character shows in a different place than I am, how could I fix this? I'm at this red dot, it's showing that I'm somewhere else! https://prnt.sc/xuhk7l
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