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  1. gligar921

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    I already tried what you've been told, but instead of working, its make my shield gone. I try to create new model id in item.edf and duplicate same .eff and .spt file with different color for idmeb70, add it to particle.ini, effectfilelist, itemeffectlist, paternlist. Am i missing something sir? By the way, this is my added question, is it posible to make aura color on .spt file become black color? i've alredy tried 0 0 0 rgb or 15 15 15 but its just make my aura was gone. Thank you Crow😀
  2. gligar921

    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    sir, how about if we want to create different aura in same item? like an elven shield. For example, i have idmeb55 and idmeb70. My question is, it is as simple as i create new model id number in item.edf in one of the metal elven model id and place it to chef/itemeffectlist.txt or its more complex than that? Is there any step that i must follow other than just add new model id in item.edf? thank you sir
  3. gligar921

    Need help about "item aura's"

    ah i see, so i must edit what inside r3t pack on my shield right? i'll try later sir. Thanks for your answer
  4. gligar921

    Need help about "item aura's"

    So i found metal elven shield skin on google. And it become like this : Now, what i want to ask is, what do i need to do if i want to change the shape of aura itself. Let say it become like this : (Sorry for my bad edit) I already tried to change the pos box in .spt file, but it just change the position, not the shape. I really glad if you can help me with this problem. Thank you
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