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  1. Tauros23

    Weapon Damage Error

    u use Youzora ? Disable DeffendFormula.
  2. Tauros23

    Yorozuya Guard [Question]

    i got from rusian member
  3. Tauros23

    Yorozuya Guard [Question]

    global.json "open_world_wait": 10, "step_delay": 1 and "name": "system.crash_dump", "config": { "full_dump": false } and "name": "addon.chat_log", "config": { "activated": false, follow this
  4. Tauros23

    Help Me Guys Edit Level Max Level RF OFFLINE

    tbl_general , look max level
  5. Tauros23

    IP Configuration With Router

    Problem 1 : test Run As Administrator , or cek what a are u edit Problem 2 : /open @LoginSystemSD
  6. u have wrong section .!! dont ask in thread people or out of topic .
  7. Tauros23

    Max Level 55

    if u use ID GM , u will go level 56 . test with character Normal
  8. Tauros23

    Quest.strs For Client Side

    search ... @Release
  9. Tauros23

    Name of map ..

    i has finish for fix this map . anyone , can help me for Give a Name Map ? i like this Map , Medicallab training Accretian . i has change and test, but still not work .
  10. Tauros23

    [FIX] Cash Related: Item Price is Different

    look index 7354 itemlooting.dat u have wrong code
  11. Tauros23

    Weapon/Armor Upgrade Success Rate

    use strs , or module in Release . what ZoneServer do u use
  12. Tauros23

    How add new Quest Daily

    look npc Elan , sell item for quest (DNA) just follow instruction , and match it .
  13. Tauros23

    Problems editing armors

    u must edit Deffend Armor and Ability Armor . Ex : Armor 55 have 0.5xxxx Armor 65 have 0.4xxx the smaller it will get bigger deffend
  14. Tauros23

    [Help] Animus summoning problem

    cek again . press C , what u PT Summon Lv 55 is GM? cek in here (client) RF_Online.bin Character.edf (Server) SpiritualistMasteryLimit.dat AllAnimus.dat match it with client (Character.edf) look at Exp table , match or not .
  15. Tauros23

    the chat channel of the CHAT_TYPE_RACEBOSS_CRY

    you skin armor/jetpack verry good
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